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OpenDNS ShortCuts Make Your Browser Address Bar More Powerful

Do you use the browser address bar as a Google or Yahoo search box ? Here's a much better and more useful solution from OpenDNS.

Long time readers of Digital Inspiration may know that we are big fans of OpenDNS service as it makes our internet much faster and more secure with a very simple tweak.

Just change the default DNS server address provided by your ISP with the following DNS addresses and you may immediately notice that websites load much faster on your computer:
The DNS server can be changed from the TCP/IP Properties section. [Control Panel -> Network Connections -> Local Network Connection -> TCP IP Properties]

OpenDNS Browser Shortcuts
OpenDNS today launched another useful service today called OpenDNS shortcuts that make your browser address bar more useful and somewhat intelligent - you can control how the address bar reacts to your commands.

With OpenDNS shortcuts turned on, the address bar of your Firefox, IE or other browsers can be used to launch websites via shortcuts (like c for or m for or web queries with parameters (like g for

It is also possible to start your favorite messenger clients like AOL or Google Talk from the address bar and chat with buddies quickly. Haven't tried yet, but should be fairly simple to launch iTunes music software from the browser bar now.

A lot of IE and Firefox users set their address bars to behave as I'm Feeling Lucky feature of Google. OpenDNS shortcuts, that will be switched on in few hours, will offer a more functional address bar not just limited to Google or Yahoo search.

Update: Though I am still waiting for an official confirmation, it should be possible to use the OpenDNS shortcuts feature with the modified keyword.URL property of Firefox.