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Online Advertising Rates for Cost-Per-Click Ads (CPC)

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Popular websites like Forbes, ESPN, LA Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Lonely Planet, Chicago Tribune, Seattle Times, etc. offer pay-per-click or CPC based advertising programs through Quigo.

Unlike text links, these CPC text ads are javascript based (like Adsense / Adwords) and therefore do not bring any Google juice for advertisers. You pay only when a visitor clicks your ad.

Website Advertising Rates (Blogs - Text Links)

As the CPC rate chart below indicates, the bid amounts can vary anywhere between $0.20 and $6.00 for displaying CPC ads on these high traffic web properties related to TV, magazines and newspapers. The bids are likely to go up during events like holidays, elections, etc. Home Page    $1.50-5.51 $3.00-4.03 $3.00-6.02 Home Page $1.00-6.54 $0.50-3.12
ABC News - Home Page $1.00-4.03
ABC News - Technology $0.40-1.53 $0.40-2.21
Los Angeles Times $0.40-2.16 Home Page $0.75-3.25 $0.50-1.30 $3.00-4.00 $3.00-4.00 $0.75-1.68 $0.75-4.54
Seattle Times Tech $0.30-2.34
Houston Chronicle $1.00-2.26
While the above numbers are a good indication of the ongoing adverting rates for content targeted ads, they nowhere match the high rates of keyword targeted ads. Some keywords like "Student Loans", "Mesothelioma" or "tax attorney" are known to cost advertisers in excess of $20.00 per click.

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