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Microsoft Office 2007 FAQ - Your Questions Answered

Microsoft Office 2007Here are answers to some of your common queries related to Microsoft Office 2007 system:

Q [Philip Canty]. Can I run Microsoft Office 2007 and Office 2003 on the same computer ?

A. Yes, you may install a copy of Office 2007 on the same machine that has Office 2003. However, you will have to choose between Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2003 - both versions of the mail software cannot run simultaneously on the same computer.

Q. Can I read the files created in Word 2007 on older versions of Microsoft Word (like Word XP or Word 2000)

A. Though Microsoft is yet to release a Word 2007 Viewer, you can read Word 2007 format documents in previous version of Microsoft Office using the free Compatibility Pack tool available at Microsoft Office website.

Q. [Sidra Sarwar] Is there a free add-on to open documents created using Office 2003 in Vista Office 2007 directly ?

A. You do not require any addon for this since Office 2007 can open any document created using a previous version of Office like XP, 2003 or Office 2000.

Q. I have installed a trial version of Office 2007 Professional. Can I convert it to a full retail version using a serial number or should I do a fresh install.

A. Provided that you are not running a beta or pre-release version of Office 2007 trial, type in your 25-character product key and activate the installed copy - you need not re-install Office 2007. [Activation not required if you have purchased a volume license key for Office 2007]

Q. Do I require Windows Vista to run Office 12 ?

A. You do not require Windows Vista to run Office 2007. It will work perfect with Windows XP SP2.

Q. Microsoft Office 2007 is not available in my native language. Can anything be done about it ?

A. You can get the Office Languages Pack that allows you to create and edit documents in 37 different languages. These localization packs will change the Office interface and menus in your native language plus they come with a speller, grammar checker and thesaurus (aka document proofing tools).

Q. The price of Office 2007 standard works out to more than Outlook 2007 and Office Home and Student version purchased separately.

A. You are not supposed to use the Home and Student 2007 Office on your business computer or for that matter, any commercial use. Also, Home and Student edition isn't eligible for upgrades.

Q. Can I use Adobe Acrobat 8 to create PDF documents in Office 2007.

A. Not yet. Adobe Acrobat 8 PDF macros are not compatible with Office 2007 programs but you may grab the free "Save as PDF" addon from the Microsoft Office website - it can save all documents to PDF format except your Outlook 2007 mail items.

Q. Can I use Microsoft Office 2007 without activation ?

A. If you skip Office 2007 activation beyond a set limit, the software will run in reduced functionality mode - you cannot create or save documents though you can read them or even print them. It becomes more like a free viewer.

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