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Joost Internet TV Screenshot Gallery (The Venice Project)

Joost just released version 0.9.2 of their client software. (You need a Joost invite from an existing user to download the Joost software)

The Joost Internet TV client interface is not as intuitive as one would expect it to be. It starts in full screen mode by default and may take some time for you to figure out the various controls. (Still not sure if Joost has an exit or close button)

Though you'll find loads of interesting channels and episodes on Joost, the content is restricted based on the user's geographic location.

Like Yahoo! Go, Joost uses the IP address of your computer to determine your country and then serves the available content for your location. ("This program is unavailable right now" - that's the warning message displayed for content that cannot be streamed to your location.)

It is currently not possible to download videos from Joost TV though you can watch the same content as many times as you wish.

Here are latest screen captures of Joost 0.9.2: