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Create Caricature Drawings from Photographs

caricature photo cartoon
DI reader "Stock Tube" is looking for a software to convert pictures into caricature art.
..a free software that can create instant caricatures of friends, family, celebrities or other personalities from photos.

Do you know if there exist any where i can download such a software?
Don't think there are any free cartoon drawing software but here are some interesting options if you can't afford the fees of a professional caricature artist:

Option A: Take your picture inside Photoshop (or Gimp), apply a couple of adjustments and filters as described at and you may get pretty impressive results.

Option B: Convert your picture into a black-n-white pencil sketch using (look at the girl's picture) and then paint this pencil sketch using ArtRage which is also free.


Option C: lets you draw caricature portraits of the human face - choose the type of jaws, skull, eyes, etc and your caricature sketch is ready in seconds.

Option D: Finally, if you have the inclination and the time, here's a good tutorial on how to draw your own caricatures.

None of above choices will match the results of a professional artist but they are still fun.

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