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Clever Implementation of Adsense Referrals

Chris Abraham, a great blogger, is also one of the smartest Adsense geeks out there.

Chris' blog posts are generally short, crisp but have descriptive titles and tags necessary for increasing the site's Google juice. The same holds true for his image posts. The images have good text descriptions, meta tags and alt information required to rank high in Google and other image search engines.

Coming to Adsense, let's take a look at some Adsense implementations from his blog that are smart, absolutely legal and should be converting quite well for him:

1. Adsense Referrals - Noticed something special in the following screen capture ? The Adsense for Referrals link is actually the Javascript code provided by Adsense but it blends so well with rest of the sentence text in the blog post both in flow and meaning.

2. Adsense for Content - Chris gets a majority of visitors via search engines and he knows how to convert that traffic into Adsense dollars quite well. Take a look at the following implementation: