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Best Selling Digital Cameras - Amazon and Flickr Share the Same Opinion

digital cameras point and shoot
Want to buy a digital camera ?

If you are not a pro and complex jargon like White Balance / Megapixels confuses you, look no further than Flickr Camera Finder - an excellent and continuously updated resource for discovering what digital camera brands / models are hot and popular on the web.

According to Flickr stats, the Canon Powershot series rules the roost. The top five most popular digital cameras in the Point & Shoot category are all Canon Powershot models with SD600 being the most popular.

Even in case of DSLRs, Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT leads in popularity over Nikon D series while Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi is fast catching up.

The Flickr data matches more-or-less with the best selling digital cameras list on Amazon website. Canon Powershot series occupies 4 of the top 5 slots in the list of most popular items on [Point and Shoot Digital Cameras]

Quick Tip: You can also use Flickr Camera guide to find the popular video cameras since some people shoot stills with camcorders and upload them to Flickr.

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