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Add Frequently Visited Websites to the Quick Launch Bar in Windows

Preston Thompson is wondering if he could add a Yahoo! Calendar shortcut icon to the quick launch area in the Windows Taskbar. He writes:
Most of the time, I just find things (software shortcuts) under Start / All programs, click and drag them to the quick launch area. The Yahoo Calendar isn't listed under all programs.
It is a good idea to place shortcuts to your most frequently visited web pages on the quick launch bar - click the website icon and it opens as a new tab in your favorite web browser - no hunting in that long list of bookmarks.

Website Quick launch bar

Open the webpage that you wish to add inside IE. Right click the web page and choose "Create Shortcut" - this adds a shortcut on your Windows Desktop. Now minimize all Windows (Win+M) and drag that shortcut to your Quick Launch Bar.

That's it. When you click the website shortcut, it will open in your default web browser which may or may not be IE. You can right click that quick launch icon and click properties to add shortcut keys or even change the default icon.

While we can use any web browser to add a webpage shortcut to quick launch bar, IE is preferred since it automatically makes the website favicon as the shortcut icon (Firefox uses the default Mozilla icon).

Did you know that Firefox supports multiple homepages.

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