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Make Your Work Hours at the Computer More Comfortable

Erg-Smart Workstation tutorial

The Office Ergonomics presentation is a much watch for anyone who spends a fair amount of time infront of the desktop computer. [related: Rearrange Your Workspace]

This quick and interactive presentation will help you identify potential risks for pain and strain in your current office environment.

Then there are some easy-to-implement suggestions to help setup your desktop workstation and modify your work practices to minimize ergonomic risks. For instance,

» The top edge of the monitor should be at or below your eye-level.

» You can place a phone book under the computer monitor to raise the level.

These little adjustments can make your work hours at the workstation much more comfortable.

Watch the Office Ergonomics presentation. This was also the winning entry at Articulate Guru Awards. Thanks Gabe Anderson.

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