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Camtasia Studio 4 for Windows Vista Is Available

Techsmith have just announced a new version of Camtasia Studio v 4.0.1 that makes this popular screencasting cum podcasting tool compatible with Windows Vista.

Other than Vista compatibility, numerous bugs and audio related issues have been fixed in Camtasia Studio 4.0.1. Full history here.

Download Camtasia Studio 4.0.1 | Camtasia Studio 4.0 Review

And here's a short screencast video on transferring pictures from Yahoo! Photos to Flickr or Picasa Web albums that was produced only using Camtasia Studio 4.0.

Update: A Techsmith forum member has posted a list of new features that will be added to Camtasia Studio 4.1

We'll have a sizer application built into CS. You'll choose a dimension and then choose the window to snap into that dimension. The real nice thing about it is that the app will also snap subsequent dialogue windows into the center of the recording area, so you don't have windows opening up outside your recording space.

Resume Recording:
By default, when you resume the recording, the cursor will reset itself to the spot it was when you hit F9.

Screendraw will be an icon on the toolbar, which you can use to draw on the screen. You click on it and you'll see a tray of tools to choose from underneath the recording space.

You'll see a little clock under your recording so you'll know how long you've been recording

You can set your recording to record a webinar while you go have lunch. It will disable your screen saver while it records.