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Professional Blogging in Indian Language Hindi

Recently, there has been lot of buzz (Shrish, Srijan, Tarun, DhurVirodhi, Masijeevi, Ravi, Jitu, Amit Gupta) about Professional Blogging in the Hindi Blogosphere.

Hindi Bloggers in India
Indic blogger Shrish recently shared concerns that blog audience is limited and is looking for some suggestions to generate decent traffic and advertising revenue from Hindi blogs.
Main hurdle in professional blogging in Hindi is that only few people know about it's existence therefore it is still not widely adopted. Due to which Hindi blogs have a small reader base.
Increasing Site Traffic

Search Engines (particularly Google) are probably the biggest sources for sending traffic to any blog. When a blog content is completely in Hindi, you are probably missing that traffic from search engines since your blog URLs are less likely to appear in the organic search results.

Here are some alternatives if you have not explored them:

1. You can offer your blog content for syndication to local language portals like Yahoo! India, Rediff, etc. Even if these companies are not willing to pay you, the reward will come in the form of web traffic from their sites to your blog.

2. Tag your blog posts on Yahoo! recently launched a new initiative called Yahoo! City that takes bookmarks from site. Since the majority of visitors to Yahoo! City would be from India, who understand your language, your tags could help in driving traffic.

3. If you have written a post that has taken the Hindi blogosphere by storm (like how to transfer contents from a blu-ray disc to an iPod), translate that Hindi post to English, submit to Digg and also tip the other English bloggers who cover that niche. The chances are high that your translated post will also become a hit and some of this new stream of visitors could become regular readers.

[If possible, do this for every hit post on your Hindi blog]

Increasing Advertising Income

Adsense for Content and Adsense for Search is currently not available in India languages. If you plan to use Adsense in Hindi blogs, the contextual ads may not be very relevant and hence the performance will be reduced.

When Adsense is not available in your local language, here are few other options to monetize your blog content:

1. Online advertising programs like Text Link Ads, Adbrite, etc.

2. Prepare an advertising kit (with statistics about blog traffic, demographics, etc) and directly get in touch with advertisers. You can sell advertising on time basis (like per month) or impression based (like CPM).

3. When none of the above options work, try participating in non-contextual advertising services offered by Chitika, Adify and others. They might be effective in some cases.

Would you have suggestions for Indic bloggers ?