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DI Picks - Useful Tips from the Technology World

recommended readingGMail Now Open for Everyone - Anyone in the world is now welcome to create a Gmail account here. No invite needed. Enjoy!

New Blogger Importer for Wordpress - The WP developers have released a new blogger importer script to ease migration of your blog from New Blogger to Wordpress 2.2. Why ?

Listening to an iPod may invite fines in NY - New York is planning on slapping a $100 fine if you are listening to an iPod when crossing the road. May apply to cellphones as well.

Windows Vista is bad for iPods - Ejecting an iPod from Windows Vista using the "Safely Remove Hardware" feature may corrupt your iPod, warns Apple.

Hacking Skype - Use Skype for podcasting, translating languages, take conference calls from 15 people, and record calls.