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Create an Audio CD of Music Videos hosted on Youtube

Music Videos on Youtube
You just finished watching a bunch of some excellent music videos on Youtube that you wish to save as MP3 files for listening on the iPod or ever better, burn them to an Audio CD [minus the video].

DI Reader Erica Gardner knows how to download videos from Youtube or Google Video but she would love to see a much-simpler solution to make Audio CDs of her favorite Indie rock bands from Youtube.

The popular solution is to download the Youtube video using sites like KeepVid as FLV files and then convert these FLV files to MP3 audio using SUPER, a free encoding software.

But that's a two step process and might even confuse some not-so-geeky users.

Therefore, another elegant solution is [detailed review] - you just type in the address of the Youtube video page and vixy will convert that video file into a .MP3 file containing just the audio. No encoding required.

Now pop in the blank CD and hit the Burn button or start iTunes to transfer the Mp3 to your iPod.

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Disclaimer: Before burning music videos as MP3 CDs, make sure you check out the associated copyrights.