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Google Adding Adsense Clicks Tracking Feature inside Google Analytics

Google may soon integrate Adsense with Analytics to provide detailed stats on how site visitors interact with Adsense ads. While it has always been possible to track visitor clicks on Google Adsense units in some simple steps, Google is now working to provide native support for Adsense clicks tracking using Google Analytics. The Google Analytics team is asking for feedback from site owners that use both Google Analytics and Google AdSense: Q1. Which Google Analytics reports do you use most often in conjunction with your AdSense account? Q2. Which Analytics report or metrics would you most like to see added to Google Analytics to help you succeed with AdSense? We already know that Google Checkout is integrated with Analytics allowing merchants to track buyers who use Google Checkout. The same way, it makes perfect sense to integrate Adsense click data with Analytics - this helps Adsense publishers understand the visitor response to site advertisements. Plus Adsense publishers can mon

Microsoft Office 2007 & Windows Vista : Product Packaging Screenshots

The new packaging of Office 2007 system and Windows Vista is inside a small, hard, plastic container that's designed to protect the software inside for life-long use. It provides a convenient and attractive place for you to permanently store both discs and documentation. More indepth coverage of Windows Vista and Office 2007 . Source: Windows Vista Blog

Mobile Phones for Would-Be Moms To Help Them Get Pregnant [or Prevent Pregnancy]

DoCoMo in Japan have launched mobile phones with Ovulation Calendars for women who like to be reminded when when they reach the most fertile part of their monthly reproductive cycles. The phones requires your menstruation dates and will alert you three days before ovulation and again on the day. Though these fertility handsets have extra features to appeal to all women, such as a recipe database - you don't need to invest in this phone to get pregnant or prevent unwanted pregnancy. Just use the following trick to convert your regular cell phone into a fertility phone. First select your dates in this Ovulation calendar - this calendar will then show you the possible dates of ovulation. The darker the green color, the stronger the chances of conceiving a child. Create alerts for those dates in your mobile phone or paste them inside Google Calendar to receive alerts by SMS or email. Simple. Fertility Phones [Japanese] Via:

Wait Over! Windows Media Player 11 Is Out of Beta

Microsoft today released the final version of Windows Media Player 11 on their Download center website. Like all other Microsoft products, you are required to validate your personal copy of Windows XP before Microsoft feeds you the secret link to download WMP 11. Download Windows Media Player 11 [requires validation] Download Media Player 11 [wmp11-windowsxp-x86-enu.exe, bypass wga check] The biggest gripe with WMP 11 is that you cannot change the default installation folder plus Microsoft has shown no love for podcasters and podcast feed consumers. Related Reading: » Take Screenshots of DVD Movies inside Windows Movie Player [no blank or black screen captures] » Play Windows Media 11 from DOS prompt

Record & Send Video Emails With Gabmail, No Registration or Download Required

Remember that simple but very useful Odeo Voicemail service that lets you record and email audio messages to friends using just an ordinary microphone and a Flash player installed in the web browser. Well, we now have an equivalent service - GabMail - for sending video messages through the web brower. You however need an extra device here - a webcam to record videos. And if you don't have a webcam yet, just use still use Gabmail to send audio emails just like Odeo. Once you have plugged the webcam and the microphone, just press the record button and start speaking/acting. Preview your message and Gabmail will send the recorded video as a hyperlink. The recipient also has the option to reply or forward the email video right from the Gabmail interface. Give it a short. Update: Mark Lipsky from Gabsight adds that you can also a video camera [digital camcorder] with firewire and microphone rather than a webcam. Free Gabmail - Send Video Emails From the Web Browser. [via

A US Dollar is Worth Only 76 Cents in New York

The New York Magazine has made an interesting analysis that says if New York had it's own currency, the NY dollar would lag even behind the Canadian Dollar. Some reasons: * A hypothetical family of four living on $150,000 in New York would pay the nation’s highest combination of sales, auto, income, and property taxes. * On average, the life-enhancing amenities like movie tickets and gym club memberships cost 85 percent more in NY than in Minneapolis. * The cost of building a home one-third higher in New York City than in 21 other cities. The Money Guide , Picture Credit:

Breaking News: Google Fined $43 million in Belgium

Despite carrying the Mugshot Image of the court order on all Belgium properties including Google News and Search homepage, a Belgium court has slapped a fine of €34 Million on Google. This heavy fine is imposed on Google because the court believes that the search company did not completey comply with the court order to remove all links to French and German-language Belgian news sources as of September 5, 2006. According to Poynter, Google was unable to find out which domain names where covered by the court order and so could not clean up its database. Google has now asked the publishers to help identify these domains, so it can comply with the court order. News Sources: Planet Internet ,

Create Beautiful Photomosaics of Your Pictures with Flickr Images

" If a picture is worth a thousand words, an image mosaic is worth a billion words! " If you obseve this Firefox Logo image carefully, you will notice that it's composed of hundreds or thousands of individual images arranged as tiles so that they appear as one picture when observed from a distance. This beautiful blend of images together is commonly known as a photomosaic or a photographic mosaic . The individual images are totally unrelated to each other, but when stitched together, they perfectly resemble the final image. Though the final image looks complicated, it can be created in seconds using the free Image Photo Mosaic Generator - an highly addictive online tool that converts any photograph into great looking photo mosaics. Just upload any of your JPEG images and this mosaic tool uses photographs from Flickr to construct the individual tiles of the image mosaic. Photomosaics can also be a unique gift. But stay 15 meters away from your computer and look at the im

Let's Meet Over Coffee This Saturday in New Delhi

Let's Meet Over Coffee This Saturday in New Delhi Though I know a lot of blog readers and fellow bloggers virtually, it would be a real pleasure to see you in person. If you stay in or around Delhi, let's meet this weekend: What: Digital Inspiration Coffee Party When: October 28, 2006 12:30 PM Where: Ansal Plaza Amphitheatre [ On Google Maps ] Everyone is invited. If you are planning to attend, just put your name in the comments section or drop me an email. You are still welcome if you skip this step. Hope to see you on Saturday. Please do come. Update: Most of the people who had confirmed in the comments turned up for the meet. The best part was that people were on time though some of them had to drive for 60-90 minutes to reach the place. Thank you all who were present including Cherian Samuel , Ritu with her son, Raminder , Vineet Jain , Abhishek , Siddhartha , Ajay from L&T, Rohit Khurna , Brajesh of, Rohit Malik and Shailendra Yadav . It was a good start and r

Can Google Replicate Adsense Success in Audio & Video Podcasting ?

Fred Wilson makes an interesting point in favor of sites that use contextual advertising to monetize traffic - "Ads are content just like everything else. Good ones that are relevant and attractive are additive in my opinion." Fred donates the advertising revenue from his blog to charity. Jason Calacanis has a brilliant idea for Wikipedia - Put one Leaderboard ad unit and Wikipedia could be making $100 million a year which can be used either for charity or development of software like Firefox. Jason recently decided to do podcasts for and the money earned from the podcast will be donated to charity . Robert Scoble is also thinking of putting ads on Scobleizer. I think he should take the plunge. Blog readers generally love highly relevant ads and with the kind of traffic that Scoble has, he could be the next success story. Infact, lot of advertisers would be willing to strike direct deals with Scoble. Finally, some good news for Video Bloggers and Podcasters -

Adobe Soundbooth: An Audio Editing Software For Your Mom

Adobe Labs is buzzing with activity this week. Today, the Adobe developers released a new sound editing software called Adobe Soundbooth that's absolutely free and has all the basic ingredients that you need for recording a professional sounding podcast or voiceovers for your Powerpoint presentations or Sceencasts. If you have worked with other Adobe video/audio apps like Premiere, After Effects or Audition, you will feel very comfortable with the new Soundbooth interface - it has the same gray theme with a panel based layout. [see screenshot] The USP of Soundbooth is that you can accomplish the three most common audio clean-up tasks with the click of a button - i.e., remove the background noises, rumbling sounds or the clicks & pops. Advanced users may try the Lasso tool to selectively remove audio that matches certain frequencies by making marquee selections around the waveforms. Also present are the standard audio enhancing features like Fades, Normalize and Trimming. With

Free Windows Vista for New XP Pro Customers If They Pay Shipping Charges to Microsoft

If you are planning to purchase a new computer anytime starting tomorrow, you will probably qualify for the Express Upgrade to Windows Vista program which is sort of a free Vista coupon from Microsoft that lets you upgrade your Windows XP OS to Vista when it gets available in January 2007. Microsoft will however ask you to pay the Shipping & Handling charges for mailing you the Vista Upgrade DVD. To qualify for the Vista upgrade coupons plan, you are required to purchase a Windows XP computer between October 26 and March 15, 2007. Most of the major computer vendors are covered in the plan including Dell, Sony, Toshiba, HP, Gateway and Fujitsu. While the coupons will be available at no cost to Windows XP Professional customers, XP home customers will receive a 50% discount for upgrading to equivalent Vista Home editions. Similarly, Microsoft also announced free Office 2007 coupons which lets you upgrade your Office 2003 edition to an equivalent version of Office 2007 which will be

Google Brin Creator for Sergey Brin Fans

Would you believe that Google co-founder Sergey Brin was feeling left-out at the launch of Google " Page " Creator because the service had the surname of another co-founder Larry Page . So Sergey followers have created a parody site called Google Brin Creator where anyone can create their own mascot of Sergey Brin. Google Brin Creator is a free online tool that finally makes it easy for anyone to create and publish cool, attractive looking Sergey Brins in just minutes. Just drag-n-drop some Google branded apparel and dress up Sergey. Warning: This could be an absolute waste of time but the reasoning behind the concept is really fun. Google Brin Creator | Create Sergey Brin [Thanks Rohan Pinto]

When Your Content is Copied on Blogspot Blogs Without Permission

If someone copies your blog posts and publishes them on their own blogs hosted with, you will have to lodge a formal written complaint with Google to have your original content removed from the stealing websites. There's no simple way. An email won't work and you are expected to fax or snail mail the complaint document with your Signature to Google Headquarters in CA. [Infact, it's much easier deal with content thieves when their site is hosted outside Read this - Options when someone copies an article from your blog ] Here's an excerpt of the email that I received from the Blogger team when I reported a Blogspot blog which was regularly copying content from this site verbatim . To file a notice of infringement with us, you must provide a written communication (by fax or regular mail, not by email) that sets forth the items specified below. Please note that pursuant to that Act, you may be liable to the alleged infringer for damages (including c

Download Windows Vista Screensavers for Windows XP

Download Windows Vista Screensavers Windows Vista ships with some lovely screensavers like the Bubbles, Mystify, Ribbons and our favorite Aurora Screen Saver. Fortunately, you don't have to upgrade to Vista to run any of these Vista specific screen savers . The good folks at JoeJoe have ported these popular Vista screensavers to run on Windows XP or even previous versions like Win 2000. Download Vista Screensaver Set [rar format] Just download the above file and unzip the .scr screensaver files in your Windows installation directory [defaults to c:\Windows] - The instructions to customize the various settings of these screensavers are mentioned in the text files attached with each Vista screensaver. Related: Download Google Screensaver

Adobe Digital Editions: There's A Better PDF Reader in Town But With Contextual Ads

If you have recently switched to FoxIt Reader thinking Acrobat Reader 8 is bulky and takes ages to open a PDF document, Adobe presents a new PDF viewer for you that's slim, lightning fast and sports a highly usable and attractive interface built with Macromedia Flash. Called Adobe Digital Editions , this application [or rather add-on] will probably change the way you navigate and read PDF files. Though DE would be free to end users, Adobe will display contextual ads inside the software to offset the development costs. You can however opt for the premium version of Digital Editions to disable ads. The Library panel displays a thumbnail view of the PDF files and you can directly access the frequently used document properties like number of pages, author, etc. Like iTunes, Digital Editions Library will also tell the date when that PDF file was last accessed or read on your machine. The most impressive part is the reading menu. When you switch from one reading mode to another, the ex

Extract Still Image Sequences from Video Clips

AVCutty is a small but useful tool that lets you do lot of interesting things with your video clips [that includes videos downloaded from Youtube in AVI format]. Here's a quick summary of the popular features in AVCutty: » If the video is too long or boring, you can manually trim down the clip to retain just the interesting portion of the video. Or you can instruct AVCutty to split a video into multiple video clips of 'n' seconds or 'n' frames. » AVCutty can scan any AVI video file and automatically detects the scene changes . Each scene can then be saved as a separate AVI file. For instance, if the video has scenes from the dinner table, living room and your kitchen, AVCutty can easily detect the three different areas and will save them as three separate videos. [probably works by comparing keyframes] » AVCutty can export the entire movie or a part of the video to a series of bitmaps or picture frames which can later be printed as creating Flipbooks - a

Camcorder Buying Guide: Decide Between NTSC and PAL Video Formats

Question: Digital Camcorders are much cheaper in US than in UK, India or Singapore. However, the problem is that PAL is the standard playback format in these countries while cameras available in USA are only NTSC compatible. Can we still buy a MiniDV video camera (NTSC) in the US and later use it to record, edit or play videos in India (PAL) on TV or the DVD player ? Answer: First some boring but essential theory - The difference between PAL and NTSC is in terms of image resolution and frame rates. NTSC records at 29.97 fps while PAL records video at 25 fps. The standard sample size for NTSC is 720x480 while PAL mode has a resolution of 720x576. For precisely the above reasons, you won't see any camcorders that can record in both NTSC and PAL formats. Most digital camcorders available in the US or Japan are NTSC compatible while PAL system is the video standard for video cameras in Europe, Australia and Asia [including India]. Now here are some answers to the most common question

Download Firefox 2.0 from Mozilla FTP Servers

The stage is all set for the next Browser Battle as Mozilla just uploaded Firefox 2.0 final on their FTP servers. [ IE 7 was released less than a week back] Here are the download links for Firefox 2.0: Firefox 2 Setup [Windows, 5.6 MB] FTP Server - Firefox 2.0 [for Mac and Linux versions] New features in Firefox 2.0 [vs Firefox 1.5] include a fresh UI and better tabs. In addition, Bon Echo has: * Inline spell checking: A new built-in spell checker enables users to quickly check the spelling of text entered into Web forms (like this one) without having to use a separate application. * Enhanced search capabilities: Search term suggestions will now appear as users type in the integrated search box when using the Google, Yahoo! or search engines. You can subscribe RSS feeds using either Bloglines or My Yahoo! in Firefox 2.0 but if you want to add new web readers like Newsgator, Rojo or Pluck, here's a simple tutorial - Add Any RSS Reader to Firefox 2

Virtual Keyboards: Start Typing Anywhere Sans Keyboard

Hate the cramped key layout of your cellphone ? Looking for a more ergonomic replacement of your desktop keyboard that makes typing as comfortable as laying hand on a flat table surface ? You'll probably love the magical yet affordable Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard shown above. [the screenshots are real] Virtual Keyboards project a full size QWERTY keyboard with 63 keys on any flat surface - you can then type away accompanied by simulated key click sounds. The device occupies no desk space and you can easily carry it in your side pockets since it's just the size of a matchbox. If not a replacement of standard 101-key keyboards, these virtual laser keyboards can be a useful add-on for mobile phone or PDA users who frequently type long SMS or email messages using the minuscule keyboards of the handheld device. And if you don't find them very useful yet, they could be a great gadget to impress your girlfriend atleast. [Works with PC, Mac, Treo and almost all Smartphones] I-

Google Inviting Bloggers to Improve Blogger

Google is calling Blogspot bloggers to participate in a user experience study to improve Blogger. The only qualification required to participate in this Google Blogger study is that you should be above 18 years of age and maintaining a blog for at least three months . If you think that you fit the bill, just type in your details in the following survey and wait until you receive the call from Googleplex [no guarantees though] Google Blogger Study [Referral Code: blggr102006sf] This initiative is part of a recent announcement where Google would pay users upto $75 per hour for testing products that are either released or still in development. According to Jordan , they are especially looking for people in New York City and San Francisco Bay Area, but others are welcome to participate in the study as well. Related: Dangerous Bugs inside Blogger Templates Blogger guy Jason has responded to allegations by Techcrunch and others that were concerning the security of Blogger as a Google prod

Hot Tip for Saving Engergy at Home: Stop Bathroom Singing

When there's a water shortage in some American cities, the restaurant staff is prohibited from serving drinking water to customers before they request it. You are not even allowed to wash your vehicles with hoses that do not have a positive shut-off nozzle. Now an Australian firm has suggested something more unique to save water as well as electric power - stop singing and daydreaming in the shower . According to Energy Australia , an average Australian showers for seven minutes which includes shaving, playing with toys (?), singing, daydreaming and brushing teeth. Most of these activities can be done over the sink. The research also says that families could save $75 a year on their electricity bills if they cut back their shower times. Plus it could help solve the current drought problem in Australia though only upto a very small degree. Bathroom singing [or Singing in the Shower] could be an expensive hobby. Reborn As; Introduces Free Collector Accounts, one of the most popular site for sharing really big files on the internet, has rebranded itself as A good news is that if your uploaded file on Rapidshare gets popular, you automatically qualify for a free premium rapidshare account which means no limit on file downloads or any waiting time. While Rapidshare AG says they are moving to because the disk space on drives is exhaused, I think it's more related to Google Adsense. allowed users to upload a single file upto 300 MB in size which stayed on their servers for indefinite period and could be downloaded any number of times. Since Rapidshare is not charging non-premium customers, the bandwidth costs were recovered by showing Google Ads on pages that had links to download content off the Rapidshare servers. However, very recently, domain was banned by Adsense since it was primarily used for sharing bulk of illegal content including warez , pi

Adding Labels to Old Blogger Posts is Like Using GMail

Wow! The most requested feature in blogspot is now live. When you upgrade from Blogger v2.0 to Blogger v3.0 Beta, none of your earlier posts will have any labels and it takes just too much time and effort to label the old posts by separately editing them inside the Blogger web editor. So Google today announced a new Labelling feature that makes it extremely simple to add labels [or categories or tags] to your existing blog posts in Blogger Beta . Just like GMail, you can choose multiple blog posts and apply new labels or remove the existing ones. This new feature is a blessing for folks (like me) who are migrating to the new Blogger platform (or have already migrated) and have tons of old posts that are not yet labelled. On the Edit Posts page, you can select batches of posts and add or remove labels to all the posts at once. This single feature alone makes the new Blogger so tempting. Julie Meloni, friend and expert Blogger user, writes - "Works well. Looks good. Go use."

Warning WinRAR! Corel Winzip 11 Gets RAR Support

Corel today announced the first public beta of Winzip 11 that could possibly tempt the customer base of WinRAR to shift loyalties. Here's a quick summary of new features introduced in Winzip 11 that are worth noting: » You can view the Image thumbnails right inside Winzip without first extracting the images from the Zip file. » Winzip 11 can open and extract BZ2 and RAR formats though you will still need Winrar to create RAR files. » The Winzip interface is completely redesigned and resemble more like the standard Windows Explorer. Related: Corel acquires Winzip Computing . Winzip Announcement | Download Winzip 11

Adobe Acquires Video Blogging Software Company

Adobe is seriously getting into the blogging and video podcasting software market. Last month, Adobe introduced Adobe Captivate 2 with closed captioning that can make audio podcasts more acessible plus you can distribute the same podcast with subtitles in differents languages so that it appeals to a wider set of audiences globally. Then came Adobe Contribute 4 which Adobe is promoting as a blog editing tool for corporates and organizations offering tight integration with frequently used Microsoft Office programs. Today Adobe announced that it has acquired Serious Magic , developers of VlogIt and Visual Communicator, which are hugely popular among video bloggers for creating vidcasts and even corporate presentations. While the video editing capabilities offered by Serious Magic tools are not so advanced as Adobe Premiere Pro, they do offer extra features like scrolling transcripts, transitions and support for video blogging formats that makes the entire process of creating and publi

How To Record Audio Podcasts Using Audacity [Video Tutorials]

SeeItDoItTV have created easy-to-follow video tutorials on how to create professional sounding podcasts using the free Audacity software. They also demonstrate some useful audio editing concepts like envelopes, converting stereo to mono, trimming and moving audio clips. Most new podcasters get confused when it comes to choosing between mono and stereo formats during sound recording so these tutorials should clear all such doubts. Here's an excerpt from the tutorial: The mono option will record your sound in one channel while the stereo option will record the sound in both left and right channel. This means the same sound will be duplicate in the right and left speaker during playback. Since podcasts are mainly voice with a little bit of background music, mono option is recommended which will also produce small MP3 files . The tutorials are split into two parts: Audacity Tutorial One - How to record your first podcast using Audacity. Audacity Tutorial Two - How to edit and enhanc

Find Desktop Wallpaper Images on Flickr using Wallpapr

Wallpapr is a keyword based wallpaper search tool that finds "interesting" desktop images from Flickr . Type in a topic or keyword in the search field and click the 20, 40 or 100 button depending upon the number of wallpaper images you want to see in the search results. Wallpapr fetches images from the Wallpapers (1024x768 minimum) group on Flickr . [Thanks, Joe ]

Google Opens Orkut Gates: No Invitation Required To Join Orkut

You no longer require an invitation from an existing member to join Orkut - Google, apparently inspired by Facebook , has opened Orkut to everyone today. [Hat Tip: Dreamchaser ] Google already displays advertisements in the Orkut community pages and by opening the service to public, the real estate for advertising could increase several folds as we will see millions of new users joining Orkut and creating new communities. Here's a link to my Orkut profile incase you like to connect with me on Orkut. There's also a community for readers of this blog . Dreamchaser also has a detailed analysis of the new features introduced recently in Orkut like easy scrapbook management and friend search. Mitanshu imagines an interesting scenario where Google starts displaying profiles from social communities in organic search results. Take a look at the screenshot above done by Mitanshu. To create a new Orkut Account, click here - If you have an existing Google account, you can either link

Internet Email Hacks: Get Notified When Your Email Message is Read

Digital Inspiration reader Neeta Shamdasani is looking for a workaround to get email message delivery confirmations and read receipts for her emails. She writes - "I need some help on keeping track of the emails I send i.e. I want to know the status / confirmation about the mail I send whether the person has received and read my mail." Currently, none of the web-based emails, including GMail, Hotmail or Yahoo Mail, offer any kind of delivery notifications or read receipts . Even when you send a message using Microsoft Outlook, Eudora or Lotus Notes (that allow you to request read receipts), the Internet email service would simply ignore the request and you may never get to know if the message was read by the recipients or caught in the spam filter. There are however two tricks (rather hacks) that will help you track if your web email message was opened or read by the recipients . The first and easy option is to sign up for a free account on . Goto the instal

Iran Returns to Web Stone Age: Bans High Speed Internet

While scientists in UK are developing data transmission technology that could transfer data at the speed of 60 DVDs per second , the three million internet users of Iran are now forced to shift speed gears in the reverse direction. The anti-internet regime in Iran has ordered the local ISPs to reduce the speed of Internet access to homes and cafes. The maximum bandwidth is now limited to 128 kilobytes per second (KBps) for the average Iranian. This restriction doesn't apply to businesses in Iran yet. According to Guardian , the order follows a purge on illegal satellite dishes, which millions of Iranians use to clandestinely watch western television. Dr Razavi summarizes the situation right - "those of us who are fortunate enough to have easy access to information tend to take it for granted and forget just how important access to knowledge is for those people who don't have it". Time to keep those broadband modems inside the closet. Related Reading: How to Access

Windows Vista & Office 2007 Launch Next Month, XP SP3 Shipping Delayed to 2008

Microsoft is planning to celebrate Thanksgiving in style. CRN has confirmed that the much awaited Windows Vista and Office 2007 launch party would be held sometime in the week following the Turkey Day. [November 23, 2006] The launch party will probably be in the Big Apple. The new versions of Vista and Office are due by the end of the year for business customers, and early 2007 for consumers. The countdown has started. In another major developement, Microsoft has postponed the release of Windows XP Service Pack 3 to 2008. Mary Jo Foley comments - "I would guess the company's response will be that getting Vista and Longhorn Server out the door is the No. 1 priority for the Windows team and SP updates have taken a back seat. " Source: Information Week | Yahoo! News

Google Affiliates or Cost Per Action Model is Old News

You are probably aware that Google is launching an style Affiliate Program which will run in parallel to Adsense. This "Cost Per Action" program has been under beta testing since June this year. When I read this post on WebProNew blog titled Google Launches Affiliate Program? , I thought there were some new updates from Google on the CPA front. But the Webpronews writer actually picked this news from an old article on ITPro that was published way back in June . The real interesing part is that even sites like Threadwatch and Search Engine Watch are now linking to this old IT Pro story. That's the viral effect of blogs which can revive buried content. Anyway, it's a good recap of the Google CPA program which could be an additional source of revenue for content owners independent of number of clicks or page impressions. The more fan following you have, the more likely that people will buy products recommened by you. Plus the website owners have a greater sa

Clean Virus Infected iPods [i.e. remove RavMonE.exe]

If you own an iPod with Video, this is a must-read FAQ: Are all iPods infected with Virus ? Apple says that only some Video iPods shipped after September 12, 2006 could be carrying the Windows RavMonE.exe virus. Are Mac users affected with RavMonE.exe ? No, this virus exists only for the Windows Platform. How to Remove iPod Virus on Windows ? While any Virus scanning utility can remove this iPod W32/RJump.worm, an easier approach would be run the McAfee AVERT Stinger that just detects and removes specific viruses from your system. Now attach the Video iPod and run the anti-virus program. You can then use iTunes 7 to restore the iPod back to the factory default settings though this would delete all existing iPod data like music and videos. Which iPod models are affected ? Only Video iPods can potentially carry the worm. The iPod nano and iPod shuffle are safe. How do I know if my computer is affected with iPod virus ? Attach your Video iPod to the computer and run the Trend Micro House

Internet Explorer 7.0 Leaves One Microsoft Way, Yahoo Follows

The wait is over. Microsoft has officially released the final version of IE 7.0 for Windows XP SP2. Mozilla is also expected to released Firefox 2 Final anytime this month. Though IE 7 will be pushed via Automatic Windows Updates, you can easily disable IE 7 from auto-installing by downloading this small registry setting . Microsoft will require you to validate Windows before passing the link to download Internet Explorer. Incase you like to skip the mandatory WGA check, here's the direct link to download IE 7 that requires no authentication. The IE 7 installer is around 15 MB. Yahoo has also released a customized version of IE 7 that has the Yahoo! Homepage and Yahoo! News set as default pages. This Yahoo-branded IE version also has Yahoo! Search set as the default search engine and the Yahoo! toolbar is also factory-installed. Download Yahoo! IE 7.0 here .

Schedule your Emails for Delivery On Any Future Date

Digital Inspiration reader Pubali Shaw is looking for a workaround to automatically send email messages to friends only on a specified date in future - "I would like to know if there is some way I can schedule a few mails with jpeg attachments to deliver automatically on Diwali day, as I would not be able to access internet on that day. Is there any free email service that can do it ?" [Diwali is a big festival in India and a bank holiday] The easiest approach would be to configure your POP3 email client like Microsoft Outlook to delay delivery of your message . Under Delivery options, select the Do not deliver before check box, and then click the delivery date and time you want. The message would stay in your Outlook Outbox until the delivery day. However, this approach would require an active internet connection on the day when your message is scheduled for delivery and hence, it may not work for Pubali. So let's explore other "future email delivery" altern