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Sleeping with the iPod

IPOD PillowsA soft comfortable pillow and some slow, relaxing background music are important ingredients for a perfect sleep.

ThinkGeek, the favorite joint for shopping geekie stuff, are now shipping iPod Pillows for music fans. These MP3 pillows are not just shaped like an iPod, they can actually play your favorite music through the internal speakers.

You can either plug-in your iPod or Zune into the hidden pocket or use the built-in FM radio. Even the buttons on the pillow face are functional and let you modify the audio level or change radio stations.

When it's time to lay your weary head to rest, press the power button to shut it all down.

Warning: Don't wash the iPod pillows like the regular once - spot cleaning only.

MP3 Pillow - ThinkGeek [$19.99 via Robert Gale]

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