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The Funniest TV Commercials From Around the World

Warning: The website that we are about to share in this story is so addictive that you could end up spending wasting hours. No grainy home-made videos that you find on Youtube here, only video clips selected by editors from the best TV advertisements to entertain you., as the name suggests, has an amazing collection of some of the funniest TV commercials from across the globe.

Running short of time ? Just choose any of the categories like "featured" or even the "sexy" category that contains some of those very naughty but hilarious Durex condom ads or about this Male Ballet Student.

Very Funny Ads Website

The Yahoo! Answers TV commercial is also pretty interesting. Watch it at Yahoo! Garden.

The Top Rated and Most Watched sections include all ads on the site, listed in order of average rating and number of views, respectively. You can subscribe to Funny TV Ads Daily feed here.

Video clips can also be sorted by Country or the Brands. There's no easy way to download the flash video clips from Very Funny Ads website though geeks may explore their browser cache for some success.