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Design Custom Rotating Headlines in Feedburner

Feedburner Animator Graphics displays a rotating set of the most recent five headlines from your feed.

Bloggers, who syndicate their content via Feedburner, have long used this graphic from Feedburner to promote their feeds in email message signatures and internet forum postings [via the img tag]

As a large chunk of "Feedburner population" stayed away from these "Rotating RSS Headline" graphics since the brushed metal background won't gel with their color themes, the good folks at Feedburner have released a new web-based Headline Animator Designer that lets anyone draw custom graphic animators.

The designer lets you reposition the existing elements like Date and the Blog Title using simple drag n' drop. You can also place custom logo images in the background and remove the Feedburner branding if you like. In this case, the width of the animator will match the size of the image.

Personally, I would have loved to see more readymade themes in the gallery where one can just pick and choose.

Digital Inspiration

Quick Tip: To hide an element from the Feedburner graphic, just match the color of the element to the background graphic.

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