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Zoho Office Leaps Ahead of Google Docs & Spreadsheets

Zoho has just released a Microsoft Office Add-on that will probably tilt the war with Google Office more in Zoho's favor.

Edit your documents and spreadsheets both online and offline using Zoho Plug-in for Microsoft Office.

The new Zoho plugin greatly simplifies the online-offline workflow. You can create a new document in Microsoft Word locally and directly save it from the Word program to the web [Zoho Writer]

Alternatively, you can download an existing document from Zoho Office, edit it offline with Microsoft Word and publish it again to the web.

Though Microsoft Word edits the Zoho file as an HTML document, the formatting and layout were well preserved when we published our Word 2007 document in Zoho Writer.

Effectively, you get best of both the worlds - the speed and flexibility of editing inside a desktop program that you are so much used to plus the sharing and collabarative environment offered by an online service.

Zoho Office Plugin is also compatible with yet-to-be-released Microsoft Excel 2007 and Word 2007 programs. Download Zoho Microsoft Office plugin here.

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