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Make Firefox 2 Behave Like IE 7 With These Add-Ons

IE Quick Tabs with Firefox Showcase

Along with Tabbed Browsing, Microsoft has introduced a new "Quick Tabs" feature in IE 7 that can be accessed by hitting Ctrl+Q on your keyboard. The Quick Tabs displays thumbnail images of all open tabs in a single view. You can even close tabs or refresh them inside the Quick Tabs view.

Firefox 2 definitely has better tabbed browsing capabilities than IE 7 but you will surely miss the Quick Tabs feature of IE in Firefox unless you install the Showcase Extension. Like QuickTabs, Showcase lets' you view all the open Firefox Tabs and Windows on a single page.

You can even open the windows list in a sidebar and there's a search feature to filter out tabs. Very useful for power surfers.

When You Encounter an IE Only Site in Firefox ?

Despite the rising popularality of alternative browsers like Firefox or Opera, some companies [including Microsoft] still design webpages that work only with IE. Try opening the Windows Update or Office Update websites inside Firefox and they will ask you download IE.

IE Tab is another very useful Firefox extension to handle such situations. Think of this add-on as embedding the entire Internet Explorer browser as a separate Tab inside Firefox - the IE tab will behave just like other Firefox tabs but will display IE only pages without any problem.

One of the nice feaures here is that you can instruct Firefox to open certain sites directly in IE tab. Say you type in the Firefox address bar, the browser would automatically open the site inside IE tab.

And if you are convinced with the idea of having an outsider sitting among your Firefox Tabs, get IE View which allows the current page or a selected link to be opened in Internet Explorer from Firefox.

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