Confirmed: Google Talk Will Merge With Orkut Very Soon

Google had earlier given strong hints that will it will ultimately link Google Talk with Orkut and Google Docs &aamp; Spreadsheet application. Google has already done the integration with their Office applications and the company is all set to annouce the marriage of Gtalk and Orkut in the coming week.

Blog Herald points to a recent report published on Light Reading that says - "Google will soon announce that its Google Talk instant messaging and VOIP service will be built into its social networking site Orkut, Google's version of MySpace. Google Talk and Orkut development teams are busy putting the finishing touches on the integration. The announcement will likely be made sometime next week."

So you may no longer have to login separately to your Orkut webpage to scrap your friend - just do it directly from your GTalk Messenger. The reports says that Orkut members will be able to text message and voice chat with other members of the community if they choose to communicate in that way.

This single feature will have a significant impact on the penetration of Google Talk client especially in India where Orkut is hugely popular but GTalk is only to be found on the desktop of geeks. Most users prefer Windows Live or Yahoo Messenger since it comes with an Indichat plugin to type messages in local language using the English Keyboard.

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