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View Flash Files as Picture Thumbnails in Windows Explorer

SWF Live Preview is a free utility that lets you view SWF animation files as picture thumbnails inside the Windows Explorer . You may confuse it with a Shell Extension but it actually runs as a separate program.

If you have seen previews of Images, Icons, AVI or WMV videos in Windows Explorer when the Thumbnail mode is turned on, the SWF preview concept is exactly the same but has more features - it shows snapshot image of a flash animation and you get to choose which frame of the SWF file is displayed as the thumbnail.

Windows Explorer Image ThumbnailsSWF Live preview also works with Flash Projecter files which are a compiled EXE version of the Flash swf file. The Flash file properties or the status bar will also display additional details like the Number of Frames in the Flash animation, Flash Version, Number of shapes and when the SWF is compressed or not.

How to Download Flash Animations in IE or Firefox or Opera

This utility is quite handy when you have saved lot of swf files from the web and need the one which has those Pooh Bear animations. Just open the folder, choose the thumbnail mode from the View Menu and there you see ot without having to check each of the Flash animations individually by opening them in the Macromedia Flash Player.

SWF Live Preview | Download [via Flash Blog]