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Google News Archive Uncovers Interesting Dates about Popular Words

Google News Archives, released today, is turning out to be a great destination to discover when a particular word was first used in the press.

Here are some interesting numbers related to words like Google, Firefox, Blog, Windows XP, etc.

The word Microsoft finds mention in Helena Independent newspaper of 1931.

A plea filed in the US Supreme Court, dating back to 1759, contains the term Google.

Weblogs were mentioned in The New York Times in a 1857 story.

Though Pakistan was created only in 1947, there are references to the word Pakistan in newspaper stories published in the early 1900s.

Windows XP was mentioned in newspapers dating back to 1985.

Mr Bin Laden received prominent media coverage only after 1998.

The word Firefox was published in a 1926 editon of The Oakland Tribune.