Yahoo! Removes Blog Search from Yahoo! News Homepage

It's been almost an year since Yahoo! integrated Blog posts with Yahoo! News search results hinting the marriage of MSM and Blogosphere. But the marriage has been secretly called off as you would notice in the before and after screenshots of the Yahoo News/Blog Search page.

The older version from Yahoo Cache - this page shows Yahoo News and Blog Search in the title of the Yahoo! news search homepage.

The latest version from Google Cache - this page shows Yahoo News search homepage with no references to Blog Search as noted by Joe Beaulaurier.

Why would Yahoo! want to do this ?
This comes at a time when the blogosphere continues to swell, is investing heavily in blog search and Technorati just revamped.

Why would Yahoo! take a step back ? My guess is that Yahoo! may be preparing to launch a separate blog search engine like Google blogsearch. Am sure they won't like to be left out in these blogging times.

Update: Some forums are saying that they are still able to see blogs like Lifehacker, Search Engine Watch, etc in the Yahoo! News Search Results page. This story is about removing the blog results which appeared as a right sidebar on the Yahoo! News Search homepage. Also, there was an option to search "News & Blogs" on the Yahoo! News homepage and it's gone missing now.

Update: Yahoo! has not permanently removed the blog search engine tool but are preparing to launch a revamped version 2.0 of their blog search engine tool. According to an email from Yahoo, the blog search tool has been "temporarily taken offline to retool the offering".