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Windows Vista Prices & Release Date Leaked

Windows vista release date
Windows Vista will officially hit the retail shelves on January 30, 2007.

Windows Vista Home basic edition would be available for $199 while the Vista Ultimate edition would cost $399.00. If you are upgrading from Windows XP to Windows Vista, the price would vary from $99 to $259 depending on the Vista version you choose to buy.

These details are available at the Amazon store [Pre-Order Windows Vista] and also at the Microsoft Vista Price list page as discovered by Ed Bott of ZDNet and picked up by Microsoft Monitor.

Windows Vista development seems to be on track and Microsoft has already made available Windows Vista pre-RC1 for download.

If you are wondering whether to buy a new PC with Windows XP or wait until January for Windows Vista, you may postpone your purchase until October when Microsoft will issue free Windows Vista upgrade coupons to all Windows XP customers who make a purchase during that period.