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How to Fix GMail Login Problems & Increase GMail Speed

You have to check some very important emails on GMail, you type in the user/password on the Login page and hit submit but the Inbox either won't open at all or just take lot of time to load.

Sometimes, it can get really tough "logging into" GMail. Either the browser will stuck on an intermediate GMail login screen that says "Loading.." forever in a loop or the service simply says "Oops... the system was unable to perform your operation. Please try again in a few seconds."

Infact, my previous versions of Firefox would sometimes crash when I tried to login to GMail though is much stable in that sense.

So in the above situations, when GMail starts misbehaving and won't let you check your important emails, try these simple hacks. They really work:

0. While the GMail Loading screen apears, press Ctrl+F5. Your Gmail inbox may load instantly without having to wait.

1. Clean your IE browser cache, temporary internet files and the cookies. This is very likely to solve your Gmail login woes but if you don't like this method, move on to the next one.

2. Instead of typing, try (secure URL)

3. If your browser crashes just before opening the GMail Inbox, open gmail in standard HTML view by typing - You can switch to the standard view once the Gmail screen loads.

4. If you hate all the bells & whistles and want to see a very simple view of the inbox without the Google ads, type in [GMail Mobile version] - This may try to download a file in IE so better use Firefox or Opera.

5. Bypass the default browser check by typing - Use this when accessing Gmail on non-supported browsers.

6. When nothing helps, move to and add a GMail module there. That's the fastest way to check your gmail inbox without waiting for GMail inbox to load.

If you still have trouble accessing GMail, contact gmail support. They ask you the error message like Account gets stuck on 'Loading...', Blank white screen, Oops..unable to reach Gmail, etc indicating they are common issues.

Speed Tips that make GMail faster

» Reduce the number of GMail conversations to 25 so the browser has to serve less amount of data.

» Set you GMail view to "Standard Without Chat" and use Google Talk to chat with your gmail friends.

» Gmail seems to work faster in IE for me than Firefox. Did anyone else notice this ?

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