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Fool the Boss: Minimize or Hide Windows with your Feet

Playing video games in office or surfing Not Safe for Work websites or even may sometimes be injurious to your job health especially when the boss walks by and enters your cubicle.

Your are likely to panic and press all possible key combinations like Win-M or Alt-Tab to hide or minimize that IE window from the Stop Prying Eyes from Snoopingprying eyes of your boss. Some employees just even hit Alt+Ctrl+Del or the reboot button to save their souls. Unfortunely, the confusion is writ clear on your face.

So here's an excellent "hardware/software" solution that lets you surf freely in office completely avoiding the boss stress. As soon as you hear the sound of his feet approaching your desk, just tap your feet and the computer screen will be safe for work instantly.

Known as Stealth Switch, this device comes with an easy-to-configure software and hidden foot switch that fits into the USB port. Just a light tap of your toes will let it work its magic. When the storm has subsided (ie, the boss has gone), another quick tap and it restores you non-safe windows.

You can configure Stealth Switch to hide the current window, hide all windows, or hide all windows except for specified windows. The Stealth Switch can also mute the sound, hide the taskbar, hide the desktop icons, and password protect the restore function.

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