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Sharing Desktop Screen Captures with Skype Contacts

Skype already allows users to easily share documents, pictures or any other file formats using the Skype File Transfer.

To make things more simpler for Skype users who frequently share screenshots over Skype, Techsmith has released a free Skype profile for SnagIt that makes it a one-click process.

Once you capture the screenshot with Snagit, choose a Skype contact and the image will be immediately relayed to him without you having to save the file or initiating the Skype file transfer.

The advantage of using Skype over other IM clients like Yahoo or MSN Messenger is that Skype allows sharing of fairly large files (upto 4GB) and Skype works across multiple file platforms, so you can even send an image from a Windows PC to someone using a Mac or Linux system.

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How Skype Profile for SnagIt works ?

Download Skype Profile for SnagIt