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Google Breaks Into Microsoft WGA Protected Pages

Microsoft recently released a free software called "Microsoft Private Folder 1.0" that was meant only for customers using a Genuine copy of Windows XP.

Therefore, before the customer could download this app from Microsoft Download Center, he was required to install a Genuine Windows Validation ActiveX component to prove that his copy of Windows isn't pirated.

Today, following a backlash from corporate giants, Microsoft decided to pull down their Private Folder software from the download website.

However, the most surprising part is that the Googlebot has managed to enter the protected pages on Microsoft website that otherwise required validation. The Microsoft Private Folder 1.0 installer file MSPF10ENU.msi has been indexed by Google and returns the top result when you make a search for download Microsoft Private Folder. [see screenshot]

Just right click on the top result link and the download URL is displayed on the status bar. Copy paste that in the browser address bar, remove the google tracking code, replace %2F with a slash and hit go. c3fdc2c3c265%2FMSPF10ENU.msi&ei= Tly4RLjVI4KkpQL3hPzGBA&sig2=s5dwV_EDnLlCH23G07LcCA
If you missed downloading the software, it is still available on the Microsoft website. Here's the direct link -