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Firefox Wall of Fame: Convince Friends to Download Firefox 2.0

Firefox GirlAfter the amazing success of the New York Times ad and Firefox Video Flicks campaign, the advertising team of Mozilla Foundation have launched another guerrilla marketing effort to spread the use of Firefox 2.0 expected in a few months.

The latest Firefox 2.0 Word-of-mouth promotion campaign urges Firefox fans to invite friends to download and try Firefox. If the invitee downloads Firefox, his name and your name will be inscribed on the Firefox Friends Wall, a digital wall that will be housed at the Mozilla headquarters in California.

If you fail to convince your friend to download Firefox, you can always invite another one. Deadline is September 15. Use your power to seal the deal – call, message or cajole them! Whatever it takes, just make sure they download.

Become a Friend of Firefox | World Firefox Day Launches

Update: This won't get you listed in the about:credit or Firefox about dialog. That space is reserved for people who have contributed significant code, documentation or Quality Assurance effort to the Mozilla Project.