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EBay Can Be a Dangerous Place for Adsense Newbies

"AdSense - the hottest way to earn money on internet at the moment" - says one auction. Ebay is flooded with such auctions of Adsense eBooks and Videos, Adsense Ready Websites and Templates that promise you Instant Adsense Cash without any efforts or sometimes even without a website.

I won't comment if any of the Adsense books or videos would help in improving Adsense earning, but there are some more risky Adsense related goods on ebay that may actually get you banned from the Google Adsense program.

Here are some Adsense auctions on eBay that may not be safe:

Google AdSense Toolbar 1.0 : Get 1000'S of Legal Clicks Daily to your Adsense Ads! The Adsense Toolbar is the best solution to make a large amount of money from Adsense for Search without paying expensive advertisement or traffic costs. [$25]

Adsense Web site which makes me $40,000 Per Month : Own a copy of my website which earns me over $40,000 per month. [$127]

Guaranteed Unlimited Legal Adsense/PPC Clicks : This is a very simple system, even a child can do it. I will setup your system for you and just tell what to do. This sytem applies to all web-sites having PPC contextual advertisements even from Yahoo, VMP, Clicksor, BidVertiser, Adbrite, BannerBoxes.

$ Traffic & Banner Clicktool Adsense Advertising Cash $ : This tool uses proxy servers to click Adsense ads or other affiliate banner ads for you. According to description, you simply can enter an Internet address into the corresponding text field, you enter the number of the desired Clicks and Timeinterval between the clicks. After the start the clickMaster1.1 takes care of the clicks for you. [$1.25]

Blog & Ping Automator, Make Huge Adsense Profits! - This software goes out and gets the very best content—either from the internet or from your site—and posts the first portion of each article into a blog entry. Visitors come, they click on the ads, Google AdSense sends you huge checks.

Adsense Toolbar the Original - The Adsense Toolbar does emergency only increase your surf comfort into the Internet through selected ADDS Ons, but it offers tons you additionally leases three outstanding features in itself, which are unique for today's Toolbars, worldwide.

Apply your brains and stay clear of such products which promise to make you a Adsense millionaire overnight.

I have been using Adsense for around two years now and believe me, there are no shortcuts. Don't invest your hard-earned money in those "high paying Adsense Keywords" - they will never pay. The only thing that works is Original Content and good relationships with fellow bloggers and readers - rest all will follow automatically.

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