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Google Video Permits Infinite Size Videos, we want something more

Unlike YouTube or Yahoo Video, Google Video does not impose a file size limit - you can upload videos of any length via the web interface and if the video file size is larger than 100 MB, upload the video using the desktop uploader.

Nicholas Carr and Inquirer are linking to a Beet.TV video interview with Hunter Walk, a Business Product Manager for Google Video where he says "we really do want all the world’s video."

While this "infinite size limit" feature wins Google Video lot of points, two features that could help Google wipe off competition will be high resolution videos and support for more file formats.

High Resolution Videos Though Google imposes no file limit, it still resizes your "high resolution" Digital Video to a 320x240 format. While this resolution is perfecting for watching videos on an iPod, it's definitely not a pleasure to watch on the computer.

Support for More file formats Google permits videos in AVI, MOV, WMV and H.264 formats but it's not support the most popular Flash Video format (FLV) or SWF Flash Animations. While it delivers content in Flash Video, I am surprised that it does support upload in the same format. Flash Video offers the best compression technology and if Google start support FLV, it could reduce the time it takes to upload videos.

Flash has soared from zero to No. 2 in its market in just two years, according to Paul Palumbo, research director for Accustream iMedia Research. Microsoft's Windows Media format is the leader, handling 60 percent of all streaming video in 2005; Flash has 19 percent of the market, jumping ahead of RealNetworks at about 10 percent and Apple's QuickTime, with about 8 percent.