Zenview Arena: 8 LCD Screens Display

Bill Gates is using multiple monitors in his office to boost productivity. The prototypes showcased at Microsoft Labs in Redmond suggest that five years down the line, the single screen computers will be replaced with Stratech - a monitor so large it partly wraps around the person viewing it.

If you are a Wall Street Analyst or multitasking professional, and can't wait for that long, get one of these Zenview Arena computer LCD screens. The picture belows shows 8 LCD Screens stitched together to form one big computer monitor.

All the individual LCD screens are supplied by Samsung. As they cost a couple of thousand dollars, the company guarantess zero dead pixels.

Zenview displays with ultra-thin screen bezels enable a virtually seamless multi-monitor desktop. Avoiding gaps between monitors, Zenview displays free up desk space normally consumed by individual monitor stands.

Zenview displays offer a natural "surround" curvature that keeps each screen at the same distance from the user, enhancing the ergonomics of multi-monitor use. What's more, the entire screen array can be raised or lowered with a single knob.

The above multi-monitor displays are available for sale at Digital Tigers. Again, money should not be a consideration.