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Develop thick skin to handle blog criticism

A blog is much like an interactive website where readers participate by posting comments. But there are moments when readers may not agree with your opinion and bombard you with angry, harsh comments. Feedback is not always positive and some may even go the extent of criticizing you and your blog on their site. This happens almost with every blogger at some point of time.

How do you handle such situations ? How you respond to criticism ? Or should you care about it at all ?

ComputerWorld has some tips for corporate bloggers but they apply to everyone. Here's what they recommend - accept public criticism with grace and dignity
Be prepared for negativity. Develop a thick skin, be prepared to respond to attacks and help to clarify the root issue and corporate commitment to resolving issues -- do so quickly and sincerely
Telegraph UK, which we covered before, has a proper policy to handle blog comments
Once you demonstrate that you have something constructive to add, you will find an audience and the criticism will settle down. Be careful not to fall into the trap of responding to and correcting everyone who disagrees with you - it will make you seem petty and controlling. The best way to handle the criticism is simply to develop a thick skin.
So if you have been blogging or planning to make the jump, be prepared to receive some sort of criticism. Don't feel let down and never respond in the same harsh language that your commenter is using. The abuse is just a temporary phase and will settle with time.