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Windows Media Player 11 XP Version coming sooner than Vista

Windows Media Player fans won't have to wait until January 2007 to experience the new features of Windows Media Player Vista as Microsoft plans to release a Windows XP version of Windows Media Player 11 before the end of June 2006.

Windows Media Player 11 has a whole new look and feel. Indexed searching allows users to quickly find whatever they're looking for just by typing a few letters, again borrowing a popular trick from iTunes. WMP 11 will even split long playlists into time-optimized groups so that you can burn several CDs in succession. The Media Library also sports a clean visual interface and offers better synching with portable devices.

Though the much-awaited Windows Media player will be compatible with Windows XP, it is not immediately known which of these new features will be part of the XP incarnation of WMP 11.

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Source: CNet News | WMP 11 Screenshots | Download Windows Media Player

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