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Timeline: 2006 Unlucky for Google

Dropping share prices, Lawsuits, leaked document - Google may not be feeling very lucky in 2006. Here's a brief timeline of events:

January 2006

CES 2006, Google fails to meet hype

February 2006

Google does 'evil': Censors itself in China
Barron's report: Google shares may fall another 50%
Gartner issues warning on Google Desktop 3

March 2006

• Google's GDrive online storage service plans leaked
• Screenshots of Google Calendar are leaked
• Court orders Google to hand over search records to Feds.
American Airlines wants Google to share information
• Google discloses projections for 2006: AdSense margins will be squeezed.
• Google settles Adsense Click Fraud, pays $90 Million
Bear Stearns report: Google Faces Potential Pressure From Impression Fraud