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Google Pack on Linux - Picasa, Google Talk for Linux coming

The talk of Google Linux Operating System turned out to be a rumour but Google is certainly developing Linux versions of Picasa and Google Talk client.

Google Picasa Linux Project
Google is developing a Linux version of Picasa with CodeWeaver. Google Linux Picasa combines Windows Picasa code and Wine technology to run Windows Picasa on Linux.

Picasa for Linux will be available for download shortly. Linux Picasa download package will include a runtime version of CodeWeavers's modified Wine, so that users can install the Linux Picasa package just like their Windows counterpart.

Google Talk Client on Linux
A beta version of Google Talk for Linux has been created within Google. Google ealier hired GAIM developer Sean Egan. GAIM, itself, already supports the Jabber protocol, which Google Talk uses, and can be configured to work with Google Talk.

The Google help pages also carry hints on Google Pack Linux version
Google Pack isn't currently available for Linux. We realize that a lot of our users would like us to offer a Linux version, and we may consider this option in the future.
If this Google linux program is successful, Google may decide to migrate other Google Pack software to the Linux desktop via Wine and CodeWeavers.

Users will not need to download and install Wine (Wine Is Not an Emulator), or to purchase CodeWeavers's commercial version of Wine, CrossOver Office.

What's next ? Google Pack for Mac OS X.

Update: Codeweavers Official site currently offers no CrossOver Office support for Picasa or Google Talk.

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