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Download SnagIt 8 Screen Capture Software

Techsmith SnagIt 8.1 Screen Capture - our trusted software companion.

As a technical writer, I generally illustrate my articles with screen captures of websites, desktop screen and even software.

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SnagIt 8.1 is the versatile brain behind every picture and screenshot that you see here on Digital Inspiration. I use Techsmith SnagIt 8 to capture a screen area and then enhance the capture with Annotations, Titles, Borders, Arrows, Watermarks in SnagIt Editor.

Techsmith SnagIt packs very powerful screen capture and image enhancement features in a neat uncluttered interface (see below)

SnagIt 8 Interface
Techsmith Snagit 8, released today, adds even more useful features that make version 8 a worthwhile upgrade. Here is a quick summary of features that the latest version , SnagIt 8, has to offer :
  • Save webpages with hyperlinks in MHT, PDF or Flash SWF formats
  • Make screencaptures more interactive with Flash Hotspots
  • SnagIt OneClick add a neat auto-hide sidebar that lets you change capture profiles on the fly
  • Completely redesigned User Interface (the previous classic interface is still available)
  • Any enhancement done in Snagit Studio can be edited later
SnagIt provides add-ins for Microsoft Word, Excel, Adobe FrameMaker, IE, PowerPoint, and Microsoft Outlook. Firefox users can install the SnagIt Firefox extension to capture Web-based content from the Firefox Browser itself.

Snagit Editor ToolsTechsmith SnagIt 8 is a must have utility for any blogger or computer enthusiast. And SnagIt is not just for screen captures, read these Non-Conventional Uses of SnagIt

SnagIt as an OCR
SnagIt captures text from Graphics, Error Messages that normally do not allow copy and paste in Windows

SnagIt as a Personal Video Recorder
SnagIt Video Capture Mode lets you create screencasts (screen recording) with Audio.

SnagIt as an Image Editor
SnagIt is not just for taking screen captures, you can edit any image in Snagit Studio - crop or rotate images, apply filters, add annotations, borders, text titles. SnagIt also comes with Batch Image convertor - much useful than the Xara Photo Editor.

SnagIt as an Offline Web Image Gallery
Just specify a Web site URL and SnagIt will download all to capture all GIF, JPG, and PNG images available on that website.

SnagIt as an alternative to Adobe Acrobat
SnagIt can convert any webpage and files to PDF. To convert a long Microsoft Word Document to PDF, capture it in SnagIt AutoScroll mode and save it as PDF from SnagIt editor. You can also Stamp a document just like in Acrobat.

Download logos from websites which are otherwise impossible to copy.
Some webmasters splice web graphics to prevent downloading of images. With SnagIt, you simply draw a border around the various images and capture them as one single graphic.

SnagIt for Web Designers
Web Designers can capture draft site layouts, add titles, captions and quickly share the designs with clients in PDF or any image format. Experienced SnagIt users can even create complete web design personas in SnagIt studio.

SnagIt onclick interfaceDownload images from Protected PDF, Flash Animations, Windows Help files
Adobe won't let you save images from protected PDF documents. And it requires even greater effort to save pictures embedded in Windows Help Manuals (CHM, HLP) - SnagIt can help you do this in just a click.

SnagIt as Proof of Purchase, Web Transaction Receipt
Whenever you win a bid on Ebay, buy something online or make a bank transaction - take a web capture with SnagIt and save it in PDF. Can be used as a proof in case of any dispute.

All the screenshots in this article were taken with SnagIt 8.0 and enhanced in SnagIt Editor.

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