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Google News Graduation day, read interesting facts

Google News made the first public appearance in Dec 2001 sourcing news from only 100 websites. Today, Google News scans 4,500 different websites in real time, determines which news stories are related and then groups them based on importance. And there aren't any journalists to work on the service, Google News is managed entirely by computer programs.

Google News started as a small demo created by one Google engineer on a weekend after he was frustrated trying to read news after Sept 11 event. More Googlers started to use it to read their news. Google then assigned 3 people (one was UI designer) and one PM to work on it. The rest is history.

May 2005 - Google introduces personalized Google News, Krishna Bharat explains how Google News Works

August 2005 - Google News provides RSS Feeds

January 21, 2006 - Google News adds personalized news recommendation service and Popular stories section - Recommended stories are those that directly relate to things you've searched for and clicked on. Popular stories are ones that are the most read on the entire "Google News" site.

January 23, 2006 - Krishna writes that that they're taking Google News out of beta.

Gary Price tell us that Google News took exactly 1219 days to move out of beta phase. According to a Google spokesperson, adding the new personalization features were the last things Google wanted to offer before taking the service out of beta.

And did you know Google News includes articles that have appeared within the past 30 days. There are some other lesser known facts about Google News like Google News Sources, Trustrank