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Adobe LightRoom targets Apple Aperture

Adobe Lightroom on Adobe StoreWhen Apple launched Aperture, it was aimed at the professional photographer who shoots predominantly Raw files and was looking for a better way to manage their workflow and perform their initial Raw conversion. Many experts felt that Apple was looking grab a pie of Adobe Photoshop's marketshare with this new Mac-only software.

The success of Apple Aperture underscores the desire of professional photographers to have better workflow tools. Adobe is however in no mood to let go the digital photography software market to Apple Aperture. In response to Apple Aperture, Adobe will announce a Adobe Lightroom next week for working with RAW images. Though there is no official word from Adobe, the Adobe Lightroom software was seen on Adobe Store for some time before Adobe removed it. (see screenshots).

According to AppleInsider, Adobe will preview the application, dubbed LightRoom, for the first time during next week's Macworld Expo in San Francisco. A finalized version of the application is not expected to ship until sometime later in the year. Initially, LightRoom will be released only for the Mac. However, sources say a PC version is in the works.

Update: New clues about Adobe Lightroom a.k.a. Adobe Shadowland suggest that this Adobe software will be announced at Macworld on Jan 9.

Apple Aperture is designed to help organize and manage photo workflow, while allowing for reversible image retouching and manipulation. It also allows photographers to work directly from more sophisticated data rather than having to use the more common compressed Jpeg format.