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Google Talk silences GMail Notifier

Google Talk makes the original Gmail Notifier obselete. Google Talk went to the extremes and uninstalled Gmail Notifier on my machine before installing Google Talk chat client. The GMail Notifier was in beta and it might never see light again.

Google talk itself is an excellent GMail Inbox notifier. Though the speed of notifying new messages in Gmail inbox is roughly the same, the new mail alert is enhanced with bigger fonts and a pleasing interface.

Google Talk enables Google users to connect to the Google Talk service and exchange IMs using any client that does the same, including Trillian, Adium, iChat, GAIM, and Psi.

Google Talk requires a Gmail username and password to use the Google IM service or for inviting friends and family to talk for free over email, IM or a voice call.

If you don't have a GMail account, either get GMail Invite here or if you are in the US, visit and enter your mobile phone number. Google will send you a GMail invite invitation code via a SMS text message. This code enables them to open an account.

Key Google Talk features include superior voice quality through just a computer microphone and speaker Simple and intuitive user interface - no clutter, pop-ups or ads Shared Gmail contacts list so there's no need to maintain different contacts lists.

Google is currently working with EarthLink to federate with their Vling communications service and with Sipphone on federating their Gizmo Project.