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Best e-learning resources on the Internet

Tom King has put together a list of best newslettes for e-learning. You can see the list here.

Learning. For a change - Excellent e-zine from Allen Interactions with a fun column from Dr. Michael Allen. I love the material and even better for Macromedia that they use Flash and do it so well (Take note of the live poll results, discussion threads, and proper updates of browser URL as you navigate!)

Online Learning News & Reviews - Moderated newsletter where you can post questions and get responses from peers, including corporate training & development staff and elearning consultants. Mixes breaking elearning stories with ideas and comments the latest e-learning practices, processes and products from your peers.

It also reminds me of The Guardian which recently published a list of most popular websites. I picked up my two favorite topics from that list:

Education - is Irish, exported here by Intel; it covers a lot of ground (though has big holes), and will prove handy fo…

Microsoft Won't Bundle Desktop Search with Windows

EWeek reports that Microsoft Corp. has no immediate plans to integrate desktop search into its operating system. Speaking on a panel on search technology at the Harvard Business School's Cyberposium, Mark Kroese, general manager of information services and merchant platform product marketing for MSN, said the federal antitrust battle Microsoft waged with the government has made the company think twice about what technologies it can add to the operating system.

Indeed, while including desktop search in Windows might seem like a logical step to many, "there's no immediate plan to do that as far as I know," Kroese said. "That would have to be a Bill G. [Microsoft chairman and chief software architect Bill Gates] and the lawyers' decision."

But the $100m question - Do you really need MS Desktop Search ?Your windows computer already has MS Desktop Search installed - Microsoft just didn't tell you until now how to use it. It's called Windows Indexing …

The $100 PC for the developing world

The founder and chairman of the MIT Media Lab wants to create a $100 portable computer for the developing world. Nicholas Negroponte, author of Being Digital and the Wiesner Professor of Media Technology at MIT, says he has obtained promises of support from a number of major companies, including Advanced Micro Devices, Google, Motorola, Samsung, and News Corp.

The low-cost computer will have a 14-inch color screen, AMD chips, and will run Linux software, Mr. Negroponte said during an interview Friday with Red Herring at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. AMD is separately working on a cheap desktop computer for emerging markets. It will be sold to governments for wide distribution.

An engineering prototype is nearly ready, with alpha units expected by year’s end and real production around 18 months from now, he said. The portable PCs will be shipped directly to education ministries, with China first on the list. Only orders of 1 million or more units will be accepted.


Blogger Service lacks some basic features

Blogger refers to the blog hosting company, while the lower case generic term blogger indicates the blog writer.

BBW has an interesting article on Optimization for Blogger hosted blogs. He points three very powerful optimization tools that are missing from Blogger templates, and would be very helpful in improving searches for Blogger hosted blogs.

One missing item is categories. Blogger users can't place their posts into theme related categories. The ability of other blog hosts to provide categories gives those blogs a bit of a theme related SEO advantage. That is to say nothing of the benefit to the blog readers of neatly organized categories for related links.

Blogger doesn't provide a related links feature that lets readers find additional posts on the same blog topic. Another benefit to readers, and to the search engines due to the loss of an internal link, is missed by Blogger.

A third issue is the lack of internal "tag" coding. Blogger users are required to write …

Transform your Firefox into IE

FirefoxIE is a customization of Firefox 1.0 by to make it look and feel more like Internet Explorer. It is an alternative for those who want to keep all of the convenience of the Internet Explorer browser plus gain all the security of the Firefox browser and more.

FirefoxIE has a eight step but very simple guide to make your Firefox application resemble IE. It shows you how to change icons, toobar text, padding between toolbars and some more customizations.

There's another related article here on using Firefox as MyIE2.

Make Money off Your Blog

No need to play the starving-artist writer-type when there are plenty of ways to blog for bucks.

LET GOOGLE WORK FOR YOU. Selling ad space might be the oldest way to make a buck, and with Google's free AdSense service, it's way too easy. AdSense allows bloggers to display up to three content-specific "ad units" (boxes that can hold up to four ads each) per page. "If you're writing about sports cars, they'll be ads about sports cars," says Biz Stone, Blogger senior specialist at Google. Each time a visitor clicks these ads, you get paid. Google doesn't disclose its exact share of the revenue, but a personalized report page lets you track your own earnings. Earn at least $100 and Google sends you a check.

PASS THE CUP. If you're toiling away to maintain a blog that people enjoy, why not ask your guests to show a little monetary
appreciation? The online payment service PayPal ( lets you add a donation button to your blog. You can …

Mughal-E-Azam - An Indian epic film

From Wikipedia: On August 5, 1960, Mughal-e-Azam released and became the biggest grossing film at that time, a record that went unbroken for 15 years until the release of the film Sholay in 1975. It still ranks second in the list of all time box-office hits of Indian cinema (inflation adjusted). Despite performing alongside the most respected acting talent of the industry, Prithviraj Kapoor, Durga Khote, and Dilip Kumar, critics recognised and appreciated Madhubala's intelligent and multi layered performance.

The film Mughal-e-azam re-tells a popular Indian tale, which was previously filmed as Loves of a Mughal Prince (1928) and Anarkali (1953). It is loosely based on an episode in the life of the Mughal prince Salim, who went on to become the Emperor Jahangir. In the movie, the great conqueror Akbar (played by Prithviraj Kapoor) and his Rajput wife, Mariam-uz-Zamani (played by Durga Khote) have a son - the weak and pleasure-loving Salim - played by Dilip Kumar. Salim falls in love…

Equip yourself for the broadband revolution in India

Does broadband mean only that you''ll get access to the internet at high speeds? What other services can you expect to get with a broadband connection?

You had an important meeting and so couldn't see your favourite television program. Or when you were watching TV when someone called you and you missed parts of the program. Or you'd like to fast forward a boring movie to see the ending. Indeed, you'll be able to do all this if you're television set is connected to a broadband network, something your local cablewallah next door can't offer you.

All you need is a set top box which makes it possible for you to pause, rewind, fast forward and start live TV programmes and see them whenever you want to. By pressing a few buttons, you can also watch programmes that you have missed in the last few days without having to ask someone to pre record them.

Companies like UT Starcom are already hawking set top boxes (at around $ 100 to $ 150, or almost Rs 4,400 and about…

How Dreams Work. Can we control them?

Why we have trouble remembering these night-time story lines ?

Our dreams combine verbal, visual and emotional stimuli into a sometimes broken, nonsensical but often entertaining story line. We can sometimes even solve problems in our sleep. Or can we? Many experts disagree on exactly what the purpose of our dreams might be. Are they strictly random brain impulses, or are our brains actually working through issues from our daily life while we sleep -- as a sort of coping mechanism? Should we even bother to interpret our dreams? Many say yes, that we have a great deal to learn from our dreams.

It is said that five minutes after the end of a dream, we have forgotten 50 percent of the dream's content. Ten minutes later, we've forgotten 90 percent of its content. Why is that? We don't forget our daily actions that quickly. The fact that they are so hard to remember makes their importance seem less.

Many people have the same or a similar dream many times, over either a short pe…

X1™ Desktop Search Version 5.0 is available

Mark Goodstein of X1 today announced the version 5.0 (Build 1500zzb) of X1 in his letter to all "X1 customers and fans". The best part is that it's free to all X1 users. You will need to re-index, from scratch, so don't upgrade unless you don't need to search for a little while.

It now sports a new, more standard, interface; an integrated index, allowing a single search across all of your data; huge performance improvements, which means you'll notice it less when you're not using it, while getting your results faster when you do use it; no limits on the amount of data that can be indexed (there used to be a 4GB limit to the size of our index longer); tighter integration with Outlook; support for Thunderbird (and coming support for Lotus Notes); and many more things.

The current public release (build 1500zzb version 05.00) is now the latest version. It can be downloaded here or here

I have used the beta version of X1 5.0 extensively and find tha…

Google has raised the search limit to 32 words from 10 words

I tried this 40 word query on Google words and got this warning: "3" (and any subsequent words) was ignored because we limit queries to 32 words. (The "3" was the 33rd word in my query) Click on the above image to see the results.

So they have quietly raised the search limit to 32 words. But why didn't they annouce it officially ? There's no mention in even the Google Blog.

The 32 word limit is used on the main search engine, image search, Froogle, and via the Google search API which you still have to live with the 10 word limitation on Google groups and Google news

There was lot of stuff on Getting Around the 10 Word Limit by replacing unimportant with words with * within quotation marks " ". None worked completely and all had their downsides. Now that Google gives us 32 words as native search feature, hacks like these will be a thing of the past. Of course, you may still need them if you want to stretch your search to cover 33 words.

[ via Welsh, Ou…

This blog supports rel="nofollow" attribute to prevent Comment Spam

Google Blog has a nice article on Comment Spam. If you're a blogger (or a blog reader), you're painfully familiar with people who try to raise their own websites' search engine rankings by submitting linked blog comments like "Visit my discount pharmaceuticals site." This is called comment spam, we don't like it either, and we've been testing a new tag that blocks it. From now on, when Google sees the attribute (rel="nofollow") on hyperlinks, those links won't get any credit when we rank websites in our search results. This isn't a negative vote for the site where the comment was posted; it's just a way to make sure that spammers get no benefit from abusing public areas like blog comments, trackbacks, and referrer lists.

Any link that a user can create on your site automatically gets a new "nofollow" attribute. So if a blog spammer previously added a comment like

Visit my <a href="">di…

Firefox vs. Internet Explorer - A different style of comparison

BBSpot has tried a very different approach. Other tech sites will bore you with in-depth "technical details" and performance specs in their product analysis. At BBspot they dare to compare the superficialities.

Domain Names

FirefoxFirefox - Some kind soul donated the domain to the Mozilla Foundation. At least they own their own domain name.

Internet Explorer - Microsoft doesn't even own this one. It's one of those generic search portals masquerading as an IE site.

Conclusion: It was a close battle, but Firefox edges out a victory against the Internet Explorer by a score of 3-2 with 1 tie and wins our Technical Award of Excellence.

Comparing Google results:

Why does Internet Explorer crash all the time? - 2.57 million results
Why does Firefox crash all the time? - 218,000 results

Internet Explorer - 22.8 million results
Firefox - 23 million results

Read the full review here - BBspot - Browser Showdown: Firefox vs. Internet Ex…

Why should you have anti-spyware products ?

Chances are, you have spyware on your computer. If you're using Microsoft's Internet Explorer, and if you've been visiting a wide variety of Web sites, that chance reaches close to certainty. And if you've ever clicked on a pop-up offer of any kind, including an offer to check for spyware, then you can assume you're infected.

After you're infected, you probably don't notice anything bad at first. And in many cases, nothing very bad does happen. Many spyware programs just report back on what Web sites you visit or what software you're running. But some report back your user names and passwords, checking account and credit card numbers, or even on the contents of your hard disk.

Wayne Rash has a nice round-up of products that help you fight spyware. He starts with explaining the basics of spyware, their impact on your privacy, your PC performance and then he reviews some of the tools available to get rid of spyware. As per Rash, the most workable solution …

Cheat your way to a 25MB Hotmail account

Some people already have 25MB and even 250MB, but the majority of Hotmail users still have only 2MB. The Inquirer writes has found a workaound to this problem.

All you have to do is to turn off Messenger and sign up in your Hotmail account. Go to options/personal and than My profile. Change your country code to USA and pick one of the states - we tried Florida and used 33332 as the zip code. After you change this, go to update than continue. While you are still logged into Hotmail go here and deactivate your account. Don't worry - all your mails will remain safe. Now you have to go to and log with your username and password and you will automatically re-activate your account.

When you log in you will see that you already have a 25MB account while it's supposed to upgrade to 250MB soon. I did it few days ago and I am still at 25MB.

Picasa from Google now in its second avatar

Picasa is software that helps you instantly find, edit and share all the pictures on your PC. Every time you open Picasa, it automatically locates all your pictures (even ones you forgot you had) and sorts them into visual albums organized by date with folder names you know. You can drag and drop to arrange your albums and make labels to create new groups. Picasa makes sure your pictures are always organized.

With Picasa 2, you can turn your photos into a movie, make a personalized desktop picture or screensaver, create posters and even make picture collages. It even allows you to do some basic photo editing like remove red eye, fix the contrast and color, rotate, write captions or apply filters like turn color pictures into black-n-white or apply the sepia effect. You can also create slide shows and put them on a CD to share with friends.

Download Picasahere

Eileen Rodriguez of GooglePress writes about new and improved features of Picasa:

* Advanced editing tools - Fix pictures with more…

Apple Mac Mini in India ? Not yet !!

Apple has unveiled a new, low-cost Macintosh computer for the masses, billed as the Apple - Mac mini

Just 6.5 inches wide and 2 inches tall, weighs just 2.9 pounds and starts for $499 only !

Mac mini could be about to do for the personal computer market what iPod has achieved for the music industry and the role of the internet.

How to build an updated XP-SP2 Recovery Disc

The hardware drivers on your original recovery CD are probably out of date, either made obsolete by newer and better versions available online, or simply irrelevant because of new hardware you've installed.

So, instead of fretting about the old recovery CD, why not take a few minutes and make one of your own?

To prepare a recovery CD, you'll need: (1) an original Windows XP CD, (2) a valid Windows product key, (3) a collection of your most essential hardware drivers, and (4) a copy of your backup software so you can access your archived data.

The Windows XP SP2 setup files should now consume about 600MB , leaving about 100MB free when they are placed on a garden-variety CD-R. Use this space to include drivers for your most important hardware devices. You can download the appropriate drivers from the hardware manufacturers' Web sites.

In the C:\xp folder, create a new folder called DRIVERS, and then create a subfolder for each driver. For instance, create a VIDEO folder for …

Get an Orkut Invite here to join Orkut Community

Do you need an Orkut Invitation to become a member of Orkut. Get an Orkut Invite here on Digital Inspiration..

To get an immediate Orkut invite, please support this website by making a donation via Paypal. Post your Orkut Invite request via Paypal

Leave your Name, Gender and EMail address here. Also tell us how did you find this website ? We will send you an Orkut invitation right away.

Just like GMail and Yahoo! 360° services, the Orkut community is available by invitation only. If you already have or want a Gmail account, it comes with a built-in Google Account. You can use this to log in to orkut.

To join orkut, simply click on the link in the email you received and follow the instructions for creating a user name and password. If orkut doesn't sound like it's for you, feel free to delete your invitation.

And existing Orkut users can send out an invitation to their friends using these steps:

1. Click on the "Friends" link in the blue bar at the top of the page.
2. Click…

How will Desktop Search companies make money ?

The desktop search offerings unveiled in the last three months by Google, Microsoft, Ask Jeeves (ASKJ ), and Yahoo are all still in test mode. Yahoo is working with software from X1 Technologies for its desktop search product. AOL, which is expected to release a similar product early this year, is partnering with Copernic Technologies for its software.

The money-making potential of desktop search is dubious in the short term. The various players haven't announced business blueprints, but it's likely that some will experiment with ways to cash in, such as placing relevant ads alongside search results.

Such a move, however, would be rife with controversy. Google sparked a firestorm last year when it announced that its free e-mail service, Gmail, would scan customers' messages and place relevant ads next to the text. An effort to scan the content of personal files would likely prompt an even testier reaction.

Nevertheless, desktop search offerings appear to be a strategic nece…

Microsoft to Digitize Indian Maps

The Indian government on Wednesday asked software giant Microsoft Corp. to put its vast collection of satellite images, remote sensing data and other information about the country's terrain in digital form.

The two sides signed a memorandum of understanding for research collaboration. The first project under the memorandum will be a geographic information system to make high technology information available to the public in an easily understandable form

This is the first collaborative project between the Indian government and Microsoft Research. It will be a geographic information system (GIS) project that will bring a variety of satellite imagery, remote sensing and other geographic data together in a geographically indexed database.

Microsoft Research India will make use of the government's non-sensitive geographic data available online to the public in a format that is easy to browse and comprehend, with intuitive visualization of data, according to Kentaro Toyama, the assi…

Yahoo! Desktop Search is now available - Do I still need X1 ?

Yahoo Desktop Search, long awaited is finally out. It allows you to search for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Outlook, Outlook Express, HTML, text, ZIP, PhotoShop, Illustrator and over 200 other file types. All of them are viewable in the Preview Pane in Yahoo! Desktop Search. This reminds me of X1 deskop search. Yahoo has earlier entered into a partnership with X1, an IdeaLabs product.

Yahoo! desktop search has a built-in viewer and you can view search results as quickly as you can type with your search terms highlighted. The file preview looks exactly as they should look (e.g., Excel looks like Excel, PDF looks like PDF). You can even play audio files without the need of an external player.

Unlike rival applications, Yahoo's software lets people sort and refine query results within seconds by merely typing a letter or two into one of several linear search boxes, which include file size, name and date/time.

Since Yahoo supports text search, you can even use to search inside your s…

Microsoft Encarta or Encyclopedia Britannica ? Help me choose

Anna Lagerkvist of Personal Computer World has done an extensive review of the two most popular digital encyclopedia titles - Encyclopaedia Britannica 2005 vs Microsoft Encarta 2005 here. The days of using heavy, printed encyclopaedias are long gone. Now, all you need to do is move your mouse around digital pages on your PC. Microsoft and Britannica have released 2005 versions of their reference suites; here is a comparison of the DVD editions.

Microsoft Encarta 2005 - The latest DVD allegedly holds more information than 60 print volumes, with some 130,000 articles, 1.8 million map locations and over 3,000 audio and music clips. There's a large archive from The Times and a year of free online updates. The Interactive Timeline shows cultural, social or scientific events across the years and how they relate. This is as impressive as ever, allowing users to jump in and out of history to find out more about key developments.

Encyclopaedia Britannica 2005 - The single-disc DVD Ultimate R…

w.bloggar now supports MovableType

For those who are unaware of ::w.bloggar:: - it is the best blog editing tool around and it's a freeware. I write most of my Blog Posts using this great piece of software developed by Marcelo L. L. Cabral(not in English)

The w.bloggar is an application that targets to be an interface between the user and his blog(s), in other words, is a Post and Template editor, with serveral features and resources that the browser based blog editors can not offer.

Because it's a software that runs over Windows GUI it allows the user to edit his posts without being connected to the Internet, saving locally one or more texts to be posted in the future. It can be minimized to the Tray bar as an icon and everytime the user wants to publish a new text, he just need a click and has the editor ready to work, finished the text, another click (if connected) and the post will be published.

w.Bloggar supports Blogger, b2, MovableType, Nucleus, BigBlogTool, BlogWorks XML, Blogalia, Drupal, Xoops, E-Xoops,

Comparing MS AntiSpyware with Ad-Aware and SpyBot has posted an excellent comparison of Microsoft's new spyware fighting tool, Windows AntiSpyware, to Ad-Aware and SpyBot S&Dhere.

Ad-aware revealed that Microsoft AntiSpyware failed to detect 272 critical objects including 73 registry keys, 107 registry values, 89 files and 3 folders. Choosing not to remove any of the files identified and closing Ad-Aware, SpyBot S&D was used to scan the machine in able to see how many infected files it can identify. SpyBot reported 61 problems clearly not as many as Ad-Aware but still surprising that some infected files from Gator where still present on the machine.

Though still in beta, Microsoft AntiSpyware was able to detect more infected files than the current leading anti-spyware applications in the market today, Ad-Aware and SpyBot S&D. AntiSpyware™'s user interface is better looking than both SpyBot and Ad-Aware, not to mention much easier to use than SpyBot. Though Microsoft AntiSpyware was able to use better de…

Yahoo! lists their favourite websites

Yahoo! Picks - Top Picks of 2004

Back in 1996, we featured our first-ever Yahoo! Picks of the Year. Eight years later, we're still scouring the Internet for fresh, fun, or funky sites to spotlight every day. Over the course of the year, we've featured hundreds of sites, and we think the very best deserve another look. From fascinating photos to sophomoric stunts to intriguing innovations, these sites are as an eclectic a mix as the Web itself. Selected by the Yahoo! Picks editors, Yahoo! Picks of 2004 represent our favorite 25 sites of the year.The Yahoo! Picks are nicely categorized here. The Yahoo! Picks are also available in Email (Daily / Weekly) or as RSS feed.

My favourite find at Yahoo! Picks was Search Engine Spying and Buzz Index - Top Yahoo! Web Searches - A subject's buzz score is the percentage of Yahoo! users searching for that subject on a given day, multiplied by a constant to make the number easier to read. Weekly leaders are the subjects with the greatest a…

Firefox Extensions site receives a facelift

Extensions are small add-ons that add new functionality to Firefox. They can add anything from a toolbar button to a completely new feature. They allow the browser to be customized to fit the personal needs of each user if they need additional features, while keeping Firefox small to download .

The Firefox Extensions site is completely redesigned and also provides an RSS feed to notify whenever new extensions are added.

I see some new categories in extensions like Blogging, Website Integration and Web Annoyances.

An easy but powerful way to block ads, banners, adware, spware, tracking pages

You don't always need an expensive piece of software to do complex things. Why to install a 10 Mb software just to block ads that are served from Yahoo servers ? Or to prevent pop-up that always irrate you while you are surfing ?

The magic in hidden in a small file called "HOSTS" which resides in your Windows System folder (Some installations of Windows may use different names for the Windows folder. Substitute the name of your Windows folder for either Windows or Winnt.)



Win 98\ME = C:\WINDOWS

The Hosts file is more like an phone book - it maps the IP addresses to host names. When Windows starts, this particular file is loaded in memory and any query to DNS server is first routed through the Hosts file. This provides you with the flexibility to override addresses in the DNS by redirecting any connection attempts back to the local machine, commonly referred as

For ins…

Cops raid offices, confiscate monitors but leave the hard-disks and CPUs behind

You may find this title funny but its a true story and has happened in the past in India. In another incidence, Mumbai cops seized pirated software floppies and stapled them together as though they were documents, destroying the material.

The Indian IT community has burnt a lot of midnight oil to gain a prominent position in the technology arena. Everyday, we come across news on jobs moving to India due to availability of skilled, english speaking and not so expensive tech professionals. Offshoring was even an issue in the Bush-Kerry election campaign. Most of the international giants like Microsoft, IBM, Sun have their research and tech-support centers in India.

India is in the news again because of technology but due to different reasons. Recently, Avnish Bajaj, the CEO of, a wholly owned subsidiary of eBay, was arrested because somebody was selling a porn video clip on Baazee and Avnish, a US citizen, wanted to help the Indian police in the investigation by giving access…

The First Webpage ever written

According to Tim Berners-Lee, this is a copy of the first web page ever.

It is so plain, yet so informative, and could have been easily written in vi with the most basic HTML knowledge.

For those curious minds, don't forget to take a look at the simple HTML source code. [Via]

(The original URL,, ceased to exist a long time ago.)

Find Duplicate Files on your hard-drives - Freeware

"Duplicate File Finder" is a simple to use program that can search and locate duplicate and empty files in any folder or drive. It automatically searches all files in all subdirectories. Duplicate files are determined based on CRC checksums, not files sizes or name, which ensures a 99.99% to 100% accuracy rate when identifying duplicate files. This program is great for cleaning up disk space in your picture folders, or documents folders, or download folders.

Features and Details:
• Multithreading operation to provide extremely fast search results.
• Fast CRC Checking mode allows very fast CRC checking on large files. (this decreases checksum accuracy on large files by 1% or less)
• Ability to Identify Duplicate Files.
• Ability to Identify Empty Files.
• Ability to Delete All Duplicate and/or Empty Files.
• Ability to Delete Single Duplicate and/or Empty Files.
• FASTER CRC Checking than any other program of its kind.

Download Duplicate File Finder here (208 kb)


Free services to secure your PC

Firewall Test, Adware and Popup Blocker Test. Test your PC for possible security vulnerabilities.

Using readily available diagnostic tools and your Internet connection, the site will tell you exactly what security holes you have open, Windows patches that you are missing, spyware that is installed, ports that are open (and which viruses take advantage of which open port), and a host of other useful information.

Tests offered include a firewall test, patch test, open ports test, popup test, spyware detection, and more.

And all for free!

If you’re not convinced that you need to visit this site and avail yourself of their services, take a look at their “kudos” page, where other users have posted such comments as “Your auditing stuff is really really superb. Although I am a computer professional, all this time I was unaware that someone was accessing my computer", and “Thank you so much for this site. I never realized how vulnerable my computer was, and the browser test…

Configure Microsoft Outlook to block attachment file name extensions

How to configure Outlook to block additional attachment file name extensions

Today I was surprised to see my inbox flooded with emails having .scr and .pif attachments. I don't know how I got all that spam but I had to quickly find a way to block all such email message. This article from Microsoft Knowledge describes how to configure Microsoft Outlook to block attachment file name extensions that Outlook does not block by default.

1. Click Start, click Run, type regedit, and then click OK.
2. Locate and then click the following key in the registry:
3. On the Edit menu, point to New, and then click String Value.
4. Type Level1Add, and then press ENTER.
5. On the Edit menu, click Modify.
6. Type , and then click OK.

Notefile_name_extensions is a list of the attachment file name extensions. Each attachment file name extension is separated by a semicolon. For example, type .zip; .gif if you want to block both …

Spybot, Ad-aware face competition from Microsoft

Microsoft Anti-Spyware Beta is definitely honest - it detects Messenger Plus! as Spyware. And people are reporting that this beta version is reporting entries which Spybot and Ad-Aware have missed.

According to the
Neowin, Microsoft has retained such Giant AntiSpyware features as RealTime Detection, AutoUpdater, Spyware Scan and the widely hailed SpyNet Community network.

SpyNet is styled as a network of computer users who agree to forward information about spyware to help create and update spyware detection signatures. When the software's Security Agents are breached by unknown programs, the SpyNet servers are immediately updated to report the activity and check whether it is part of a spyware outbreak.

The program also includes a System Inoculation Wizard that suggests and enforces security levels, and a Tracks Eraser privacy tool, which deletes Internet history logs and 50 different activity trails from a user's Web-browsing history or Windows temporary folders.

The user must b…

What happens behind the camera in the P0RN industry

Camera guy Jake Jacobs films a low angle of Hall and Spears' scx scene while assistant Mitch Stevens watches on. Jacobs has been filming p0rn0graphy for nineteen years and says, 'I mainly do it because it's better to be a big fish in a small pond than a small fish in a big pond.' When asked whether his family knows what he is doing he responded, 'Yeah, everyone knows, pretty much everyone in my family has been involved with the industry at some point, my kids even my grandkids...'

Elyse Butler of Brooks Institute of Photography, has won a gold in the Documentary category for her series of photographs entitled "Scxual Tension" - This explores the underside of the p0rn0graphy industry through the lens of the still camera.

Butler has put together hard-edged images of scxuality and human emotion that can rarely be seen in the final product of p0rn0graphy. You can see Butler's work here.

Warning: The images are sexually explicit in nature and could be of…

A Desktop File Seach Tool that can scan images for text

Find Desktop is integrated with a powerful "full-text" retrieval engine, supported by O.C.R. (optical character recognition) engine. This allows you to search directly in the text, starting from one word or exact phrase contained in electronic or image documents. Other important functions are the mail indexing system, the enhanced scanning functions (with virtual annotation capabilities) as well as the management of the classification fields associated with documents render Find Desktop the fast and economic solution for document management. Find Desktop is equipped of technology "Highlight" that evidences directly on the original document (image file or electronic file) the search results and supports the most common electronic document formats (Adobe Acrobat PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, etc..) with search capabilities also in ZIP file.

The software is expensive ($290) but it prevents you from the hassle of scanning images though I am not sure of the ac…

What tools do employees of Microsoft and Google use ?

VisitorVille Intelligence has released information on how employees of several large companies use the web based on their monitoring of thousands of websites. Presumably using IP address blocks, they group company employees together to produce some interesting facts and figures: Microsoft employees use Google for their searches 66% of the time, but MSN Search only 20% of the time, and Firefox is their second most popular browser behind Internet Explorer 6's whopping 98.76% share. Google employees use Google as their search engine 100% of the time and 21% use a Mozilla or Firefox browser. Apple employees like Google best and 68% use Safari. 91% of Internap employees use Mozilla or Firefox, Deutsche Telekom AG employees are the biggest users of Linux, and 39% of Sun Microsystems employees use SunOS. Other groups of interest to Slashdot readers include: The White House, the United Nations, The New York Tim…

IE users are more likely to click online ads than Firefox users

Firefox users typically ignore online ads when compared to IE users.

CNET reports that a German maketing company Adtech, found that during October and November, only 0.11 percent of Firefox users ever clicked on an ad, compared with around 0.5 percent of IE users. The percentage of IE users clicking on ads varied depending on which version of the browser was being used, the company said: from 0.44 percent of version 6.x users to 0.53 percent of version 5.5 users. The survey was based on 1,000 Web sites in Europe that use Adtech's ad server.

Dirk Freytag, the chief operations officer of Adtech, said in a statement that the reason for this trend is probably the different surfing habits of Firefox and IE users, plus the inclusion of an integrated pop-up ad blocker in Firefox. Among IE users, only those who have version 6 and who have installed Windows XP Service Pack 2 have an integrated pop-up blocker, although IE users can also choose to install a third-party pop-up blocker.


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