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What Will Happen When Google Becomes an Adult ?

predict the future

The Forbes magazine today launched a new feature called the "The Future" where they invited personalities to predict trends and technologies that will become popular in the near future.

An extremely intelligent prediction about Google's future comes from David Ewalt where he says - Over the next 10 years, Google will solidify its hold on the world's information, and as it adds data service to its portfolio, it will give away free Internet access and phone service around the country. In 10 years, the company (and its ads!) will be omnipresent in American lives.

David also expects that Google will lose the cool factor - Expect Google, at 19 years old, to be regarded much like Microsoft is today - bloated, monopolistic and oppressive.

There's a very interesting quiz as well where you have to guess about events that are likely to occur in 2008 - Will Google hit $900? Will the richest person be from China ? What will the exchange rate be between the U.S. Dollar and the Euro on December 31, 2008?

The quiz is US-centric but fun nevertheless. Forbes will send you an email in January 2009 sharing your quiz score.