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This Little Bird Is Twitting In The Google Campus

google jaiku

Google acquired Blogger in 2003 from Evan Williams who later launched another successful company called Twitter.

Google owned a service similar to Twitter called Dodgeball but for some reason, that service never got the attention it deserved and DodgeBall soon became history.

Well, Google has re-entered the "micro-blogging" space - the news just out is that Google has acquired Jaiku, another Twitter clone.

The litte bird above showed up on Jaiku homepage because the service may experiencing massive traffic at the moment.

Jaiku is not so popular as Twitter so Google may have definitely got a better deal here. Kevin Rose of Digg also runs a Jaiku-Twitter clone called Pownce.

Jaiku is currently invite only - While I have an account on Jaiku, the link to invite new friends is returning a 404.

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