Technorati Blog Search Is Useful Again; Rolls Back Recent Changes

technorati blog search

The two very useful features of Technorati - Charts and Blog Directory - mysteriously disappeared after Technorati decided to shift focus from a blog search engine to a multimedia search engine.

The move may have backfired for Technorati and so they decided to revert the changes pretty soon.

Other than charts and blog directory, you can also sort blog search results by authority like before to filter posts from blog sites that have very low or no incoming links.

Another major enhancement is that Technorati Topics have made it to the front page of Technorati. It shows a live stream of new and popular blog posts arranged in categories.

Video and Photo search features are still available but the tag search is now different than regular blog search - they are no longer clubbed together.

Pretty good move by Technorati. It will continue to remain one of favorite blog search engines on the web. Also hoping they resume publishing the quarterly State of Blogosphere reports as well. Thanks Dave and Richard.

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