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Know When People Submit Your Stories to Digg; Get Dugg More

submit story to digg Whether you write a blog or a regular website, incoming traffic is always welcome even when the flow is from

When a reader submits your blog post to Digg and the story gets dugg a couple of times more by other Digg members, you can quickly add the yellow "digg this" button to your website - that Digg button not just displays the current digg count but also encourages others site visitors to digg your story without leaving the site.

Now the important thing - How do you know automatically when people submit content from your website to ? Well, it's actually quite simple. You just have to setup a custom search RSS feed to track Digg like a hawk.

1. Go to Digg Search at

2. Type your web domain in the seach box and select "URL only" as shown in the screen capture. If you are on blogspot or wordpress, you will have to type the subdomain name as well.

3. Select "All Stories", "Sort Newest First" and hit the Search button.

story submit on digg

Digg provides an RSS feed of these search results. Whenever a story from you blog hits Digg, it will become available in the RSS feed irrespective of the number of Diggs it has received.

You can either get this feed in your news reader or turn it into an email alert via RSSFwd or R-Mail to get an email as soon as you are

Then head over to your blog post and add the following Digg snippet so that visitor can digg the story without ever leaving your website. (see live example)

<script type="text/javascript">
  digg_url = 'DIGG_PERMALINK_URL';
<script src="" type="text/javascript"> </script>

You can read about some more interesting Digg features and tips in our guide - Digg for Power Users. A similar trick is available for tracking as well.