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Publish Your Twitter Tweets on Jaiku Automatically

Now that Jaiku is owned by Google, it will get lot of traction in the coming days - people who have refrained from micro-blogging so far are also likely to jump in.

If you are a Twitter addict but also want to use Jaiku simultaneously, here's a time-saving trick - you can continue sending tweets to Twitter as before (via mobile phone, web or Google Talk) and the messages will automatically appear in your Jaiku account as well. See screenshot.

twitter tweet jaiku

This is possible because Twitter provides RSS feeds of all your Twitter messages and Jaiku can easily import that feed.

Just goto Jaiku Web feeds here and type your twitter URL ( Then select the second option (as in the figure) and click Add feed.

The next time you write something on Twitter, it will also become available to your Jaiku Contacts.

integrate twitter jaiku

Other than Twitter status messages, you can also add your Blog Feeds, Flickr photos, Digg, Facebook Status and everything else to Google-Jaiku that supports web feeds.