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Move Draft Posts Written in Windows Live Writer Across Computers

Here's are simple tips for bloggers who work on multiple computers and use Windows Live Writer to compose and publish blog posts.

Problem: If you write a blog post in WLW on computer A and save it as a local draft, how to you access that unpublished post from another computer ?

Solution: You have two options here - the first is to use "Post Draft In Weblog" (available under "Save Draft") - WLW will put the post online though in Draft, i.e. it won't be available to your blog readers.

The approach is recommended if you just have a handful of drafts written in Windows Live Writer.


But if you tons of unpublished posts or if you are planning to move to a new PC altogether and transfer all the drafts from this computer to the new one, an easy option is "My Documents".

Windows Live Writer creates a "My Weblog Posts" folder under "My Documents" which has two sub-folders - Drafts containing all the unpublished posts while Recent Posts has all the posts you have ever published through Windows Live Writer.

You can also clear the Recent Posts folder to reclaim hard drive space.

Just a word of caution, these .wpost files are binary and you read or edit them only with Windows Live Writer.

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