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Download Images From a Webpage When Right Click Is Disabled

Some websites disable the right click menu on their websites to prevent people from saving images and photographs to their desktop.

There are several ways to bypass that "right click" barrier - you can either do a screen capture, or copy that protected image from the web browser's cache or read the image URL from the HTML source of the web page and then save the image using your favorite download manager.

All the above methods work but the only problem is that they are geeky. So let's take look at another approach that requires absolutely no effort - it's called "drag-n-drop."

Just point your mouse pointer over the image, press and hold the left click button and drag that image either to browser address bar or somewhere on destkop. That's it. The image file will be instantly saved to your computer even if the right-click option was disabled (because we used left-click).

The drag-n-drop method really comes handy when the web page is opened in a window that has no menus, scroll bars or the toolbar.

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