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Al Gore's Current TV Makes Impressive Foray Into Social Networks

Current TV, which is a wonderful mix of some original programming and viewer generated content, will soon launch in a new and very impressive avatar.

While the original Current TV was limited to video, the new Current is more of a social network and bookmarking site where you can save and share videos, web pages and photos clipped from the web.

You can also upload original videos, just as before, except now your videos can be nearly anything, not just programs for Current TV.

You can watch some screenshots here of the upcoming Current TV website:

current 1  google current

current tv

The most popular segment of Current TV among web users is Google Current - it provides a look (with a pinch of humor) at the current most popular search queries on Google using search data from Google Zeitgeist.

Current TV is led by Al Gore, the former Vice President of US who is also senior advisor to Google.