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Adobe Office Gets A Word Processor, Outlook the Next Target ?

Adobe officially entered the web-office space by acquiring Buzzword, a word processor that works inside the web browser (like Google Docs or Zoho Writer). Other than creating documents from scratch, Buzzword can also import your existing Microsoft Word .doc files.

Buzzword is done in Adobe Flex, the same technology that powers Picnik, the popular online image editor.

iscrybe calendar  iscrybe timezone

Now that Adobe has a word processor, what could be next logical addition to their productivity suite?

Adobe Ventures recently made an investment in Scrybe, an online organizer that's a perfect blend of Microsoft Outlook and Google Notebook. Scrybe (video demo below) allows you to store notes and web clipping, manage TODO lists, calendars and more inside the web browser.

And like Buzzword, Scrybe looks beautiful, intuitive and extremely impressive. Do not be very surprised if Scrybe becomes the next member of Adobe Office Suite. The icing is that Scrybe already works both in online and offline mode.